A Sweet Tongue’s Paradise – Meet The Instagram Dessert Sensation

Victor Pastries is known for upholding remarkable quality standards, sincerity and a respectful ambience for his customers. Customers all over the world follow Victor Chocron, the master behind the creations of the patisserie. Currently, he has expanded the business to Victor Pastries Gourmet and Victor Pastries Cookies. 

Victor is from Caracas, Venezuela and he defines his childhood as a ‘dream life.’ The jolly good fellow is upbeat and positive in his approach. The talented chef was raised right with proper values and he attempts to imbue these values in his business models, as well. 

It’s interesting to note that Victor Chocron was actually a sports enthusiast. He loved to play Soccer, Tennis and often play guitar. However, the satisfaction of crafting new dessert delights has led him to explore his hobby. This turned into the passion, something he loved. It landed him right where he needed, a proper career path.

Victor decided he didn’t just want to be another ‘chef’ with no qualification. He pursued qualifications in Gourmet cuisines in Argentina, Venezuela and Miami. This became his foundation for the unique blends of aesthetics into the flavorful taste of dessert. Often, his signature work includes combining the cuisine ideas or transforming them into dessert. For example, a dessert burger which combines a various assortment of dessert items. And that’s just one of the examples of his exceptional craftsmanship.

It wouldn’t be wrong to consider Victor as an artisan in the field. His exceptional creativity has led him to achieve great results. But apart from the professional life and following his hobby, there is much more to him than meets the eye. Victor believes that his delights aren’t just for business but for everyone.

Ergo, Victor Pastries Gourmet is often affiliated with social works of spreading happiness to those that are less fortunate. It includes supporting special needs groups, donating to the people, or spreading treats everywhere. The foundation is called ‘Fundacion Victor Pastries,’ which he claims is the pride and honor for him. Victor is a firm believer that one should help others without expecting anything in return. If you don’t have any ulterior motives, the satisfaction is unparalleled. 

Victor Chocron is steadily growing his business, his exceptional knowledge in gourmet marketing and advertising also helps him. He has acquired a loyal fanbase and everyone is crazy about his unique ideas and concepts. The primary selling point of his business is the seemingly endless array of menu items. With that, Victor is moving towards a future full of delightful growth.