Adi Alfa
Adi Alfa

Adi Alfa Shares Vital Advice For Up-And-Coming Creatives

Although she has enjoyed a remarkable amount of success in her career to date, Adi Alfa is not only content with her achievements. She also wants to assist those aiming to make a name for themselves in the industry. Here, she shares some valuable tips to help.

Competitive Industry

The creative industry is undoubtedly among the most competitive.

Those vying to achieve their goals and make a name for themselves require not only talent, but also dedication, discipline and patience.

Unfortunately, many give up on their dreams when the going gets tough, rather than battle on in the face of adversity.

Award-winning British actress, producer, writer and multi-hyphenate creative Adi Alfa is no stranger to challenges.

She has faced countless challenges along her journey to date but she refused to give in, with her efforts well and truly paying off.

But Adi has some crucial advice for up-and-coming creatives. She urges them to be persistent, believe in your sauce and not to give up.

She also highlighted the importance of always just shooting your shot, putting yourself out there and blocking out the noise. Furthermore, she reminded people that everybody’s path is different.

It is crucial for individuals to block out external noise and the achievements of others – and instead focus on their own journey.

Crucial Confidence

Adi first got started in the entertainment industry after university. She did not really know what direction she wanted to go in, so traveled for six months on a round the world ticket.

Traveling truly changed her in a good way as it gave her the confidence to go for what she really wanted – but was scared to ever do.

That is when she decided that she wanted to pursue her dreams of acting and subsequently went in search of an agent. 

Adi’s first audition after joining was for an M&S commercial and she really messed up. However, they loved her authenticity and down to earth nature and gave her the job.

Never Give Up

Despite struggling in the audition, Adi refused to give up and remained positive. Failures and struggles are part of the process in life.

They strengthen individuals and enable them to learn from their mistakes. 

Adi has enjoyed a remarkable amount of success since beginning life in the creative industry.

But there were two projects in particular that helped her to make her name in the business.

The first was a comedy she did with Don’t Jealous Me. The video went everywhere to the point where people were coming up to her in random places. Then, she went on to do a TV show called The T Boy Show which also raised her profile.  

The second was a UK Nollywood film called Ortega and his enemies. That is also what gave Adi her first acting award – the NAFCA (African Oscar) for Best Actress in Beverly Hills, LA.  

After that, her name seemed to be circulating particularly amongst black award ceremonies.

It is her determination and desire to succeed which has enabled her to reach these impressive heights in her career.

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