Army Veteran Suffers Paralysis – Then Turns Model And Successful Entrepreneur

Xander Neff is currently a budding entrepreneur who has recently started a modeling agency. The agency focuses on introducing newcomers to the world of videography, photography and advertising. It is an endeavor driven from the personal experiences of Xander. Once upon a time, he only had $3 in his bank account with no prospect in sight. A happy incident of visiting a photoshoot with his friend changed his life. 

Life throws all kinds of challenges at us to test our merit. Xander Neff drew a shorter straw than expected. At the age of 19, he got into a snowboarding accident while trying to master double backflip. It landed him in the hospital with a one week coma state. Upon regaining consciousness, the young fighter learned that he couldn’t walk. He suffered a crack in the skull that rendered his lower body paralyzed.

Xander didn’t let this define him for the rest of his life. According to the thriving model, he had two life choices at the time. One was to give in to the condition and become lazy, accept his fate. Another was to challenge everything and rise to the top.

The indomitable soul decided to put his all into a six months rehab program. It helped him overcome the obstacles and by the end of the sixth month, he was diving cliffs with his buddies. That’s right! Once the 19 years old boy was told that he wouldn’t walk again. Then, he turned the tables and became an elite athlete. 

From The Battleground To The Catwalk

After overcoming the obstacle, Xander decided to enroll into the army. There he served for four years and received an honorable discharge. While he was overcoming everything physically, his mental state with PTSD, anxiety and insomnia didn’t leave him alone.

This was the hardpoint in his life. It felt like he couldn’t do anything at this point. That was until his friend, Cody Grigsby, from the army, took him out on a photoshoot.

It was for Cody, but the photographer was intrigued by Xander’s physique and looks. That southern boy charm played the rol.

Discovering The Passion – Striving Towards A Revolution 

It was then that Xander realized what he loved doing. Modeling. With that intent in mind, he started an Instagram handle and went on ahead to create the OnlyFans account. Both of these helped him explore many possibilities and lead to earning $80,000 per month.

Now, he has set up an agency to ensure he could assist other newcomers in the agency.