Donte Young

Donté J. Young Forging the Way for a New Generation of World-Class Developers and Interior Designers

So many of civilization’s proudest landmarks are the result of majestic work. For centuries, man’s marvels have been related to the ability to design skyscrapers, skylines, and cities that bring beauty to our concrete habitats. And as the world enters a new era, a new generation of developers and interior designers should take a vision of the future and turn it into tomorrow’s reality. Donté J. Young should be considered one of those new wave developers and luxury interior designers to move the industry to the next level. 

While Donté J. Young’s tenure in the industry has been relatively short, his impact has been felt regardless. He started his design firm back, Young & Co, in 2018 and has transformed landscapes through the many homes, restaurants, and real estate developments his company has spearheaded. The interior design firm’s reputation is built on Donté’s unique approach to design— “be bold, not basic.” This approach to modern design has inspired an avant-garde approach to creating beautiful developments and interiors that line up across America. 

Much of Donté’s work stems from his roots. He started out in Chicago, Illinois, a city that the designer pays much homage to as the primordial material for his career. “Chicago is the birthplace of incredible architecture and interior design greats,” says Young. “It has a skyline that is recognized worldwide and regarded accordingly. My style of design incorporates this city’s history and resilience. It’s as fluid and beautiful as the banks of Lake Michigan that this great city rests upon.”

On top of his design work. Donté is also an avid believer in the power of real estate. He invests in properties and decorates them himself. Many of his real estate investments have now become some of the most beautiful rental properties scattered across America’s finest districts and cities. Amidst the pivotal era that was 2020’s COVID-19 crisis, Young & Co had a phenomenal run. While Donté was already established before then, the pandemic period would become some of the most defining moments for the designer and his firm.

For instance, Donté opened up The Young Galleries in Chicago in 2020. He featured contemporary art from artists such as Penelope Moore and Erika Gehringer. In Young Galleries, specific Napa artist Penelope Moore presented “ART OF TASTE,” a collection that she deemed as praise to the heritage of Napa Valley. In recent years, Donté has also launched a curated furniture line in partnership with SideDoor Interiors, an e-boutique business that curates interior furniture selections inspired by his many travels and past development work.

Over the years, Donté and Young & Co have established themselves as forces to be reckoned with in the development and interior design world. The young and fast-rising designer would be named one of the Top Businessmen in Chicago and part of the Who’s Who List. The firm and its founder have worked on many projects in places like London, and New York, on top of some of the most prestigious areas of Chicago. Donté has also worked with big names, such as United Airlines, Marriot Ritz-Carlton, and St. Regis Residences, among many others.

With more projects to come in Manhattan, the Hamptons, San Francisco, and across the globe, Donté hopes to spark a new generational evolution in development and interior design to pave the way for new artists to thrive in this new age of design, technology, and art.