David Tamm

Esteemed Entrepreneur David Tamm on Passion, Dedication, and the Creation of Pencerita 

Over the years, the world has become incredibly fast-paced. Everyone seems to be constantly on the go, pursuing their next goal or project. As such, it can be very easy for many to get lost in the hustle and bustle and forget to celebrate life. This is something that David Tamm has observed, which is why the innovator has decided to utilize his expertise to create Pencerita, a platform that helps people capture and preserve important moments.

The inspiring man is no stranger to a hectic schedule. After all, he is an esteemed entrepreneur. He has helped create various enterprises, including Firepoint Solutions and CAST Services, one of the fastest-growing, research-driven technology firms in the real estate space.

Before becoming a force in the entrepreneurial community, the outstanding individual was a former airman with a stellar career in the Air Force for nearly a decade. He was initially an F-15 fuels mechanic, crossed over to commission and eventually became an air battle manager, an expert in airborne command and control, air surveillance, and electronic warfare. 

On top of that, he has even juggled his career as a budding businessman with his studies. So while he was busy building an empire, he was also a full-time college student pursuing three degrees. These things are a remarkable testament to David’s unrivaled dedication to his craft. Yet, at the same time, his experiences have also helped the visionary realize how important it is to create lasting memories. 

As such, he had the brilliant idea of creating Pencerita. As the insightful founder shared, “It’s an intentional platform that’s effortlessly easy to use, enabling you to record your past in the quickest and efficient—yet personally creative—way possible, so you can get back to living in the moment and enjoying the gift that is today.”

The trailblazing venture excellently demonstrates the industry authority’s impressive commitment to innovation. But more than that, Pencerita is a passion project that allows the entrepreneur to champion his advocacies. “I enjoy making other people better at what they do and enriching their personal and professional lives. So I make it a priority to mentor others and to share all this experience I’ve been fortunate enough to gain,” he began explaining.

He then added, “It has also been a total privilege and incredible learning experience understanding how to take an idea and turn it into a highly successful enterprise in a very short period of time. This is what we’re working on right now with Pencerita, with the goal of making the world a better place.”

As David Tamm moves forward in his journey, the exceptional individual intends to continue focusing on his growth while helping others succeed. He is pursuing his MBA and is actively involved in Ph.D.-level research. In addition, he is working on a second book and plans to look for more ways to help the real estate industry and the world become a better place.