YODEZEEN architects
YODEZEEN architects

From Vision to Reality: YODEZEEN’s Inspirational Journey

YODEZEEN architects now has more than 800 projects worldwide but it has taken over a decade of solid work, determination and consistency to take the business to where it currently is. We hear all about how the company has smashed through its targets to achieve in an exceptional manner.

Passion for Work

Striving for perfection each day is the mission of award-winning architectural and design studio YODEZEEN architects.

Although it has achieved a huge amount since launching in 2010, it continues to do all it can to keep on growing.

The business has over 800 projects worldwide and offices in Kyiv, Moscow, Milan, Miami and Los Angeles. 

Artur Sharf and Artem Zverev founded the studio in 2010 intending to develop a conceptual approach in design and architecture. 

The studio is distinguished by high-quality design, international experience and is well-known in the residential and commercial real estate sectors.

Artem and Artur were 20 when they both graduated in architecture and, as teenagers, they knew where they were going to study, and they were right. 

Many architects opening their own business gradually retire, but they always want to be involved in creative and technical processes.

Artem and Artur have never lost their passion for their work and continue setting new targets for themselves.

As an architectural and interior design studio, the company is well versed in architecture, interior design (residential & commercial) and custom joinery.

Future Goals

There are plenty of valuable lessons that the pair have learned on their journey to date, along with a number of key factors that led them to where they currently are.

They believe it was a transition from a regular studio into a studio that creates a good product – although this transition was quite difficult and painful.

Artem and Artur have been developing concepts for free for a very long time to attract potential customers and develop a portfolio. And all this time, they were looking for their special client, the one for whom they will create unique, high-quality design. Luckily, they have found him.

But they are refusing to ease up with their efforts and have a range of future goals and ventures in their sights.

They are now very interested in suburban real estate and soon their first gated cottage community, YORESIDENCE, will be launched.

The duo has a lot of experience in this segment, and they know how to apply all of this knowledge and what to avoid to make it architecturally and functionally perfect. 

This project is in the process of construction right now and they have discovered themselves as developers and are thoroughly enjoying the new role.

But their goal is not only to create a project that we will be proud of but also to improve the quality of life for future residents. It is a new mission for their team to accumulate a large amount of unique knowledge on how to implement suburban real estate qualitatively and build it highly aesthetically.

Mastering the Craft

Furthermore, Artem and Artur have tips for young entrepreneurs or anybody aiming to emerge in their industry.

They believe that if you want to make a great project — just do it. Uncompromisingly. Furthermore, they believe greatness is not only about concept and design but also about implementation.

And while it is difficult to find good partners who are the same nerds like you, they insist that it is possible, and urged people to look for their nerds.

The pair have also mastered the craft of staying motivated each day – which is no easy feat.

They have always believed that their work is their life. And when they gather around us a team of like-minded people, the same nerds of their business, they each motivate each other and help every day.

Maybe Artem and Artur started as two, but they look to the future as a big team whose members inspire each other. 

Finally, of course, they would like to dedicate special gratitude to their clients who choose them, listen to their opinion and allow them to create everything as they dream.

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