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Giti Online: Using the Power of Socials to Lead the Way

Christopher Chong has helped to accelerate the growth of his online fashion brand Giti Online with his impressive talents. Here we find out all about his key talents and advice for entrepreneurs aiming to make their mark in the fashion industry.

Building brand identity

Social media has opened up new avenues for companies to connect with customers like never before.

Of course, social media has its pitfalls, but if used in the correct manner it can deliver unbelievable benefits.

But with so much content out there today, it is no surprise that people can be left confused by the huge amount of choice and never-ending content out there.

However, that is where brand identity comes in – a vital element which is crucial for any business aiming to make its mark and develop a great relationship with customers.

This is something Christopher Chong has mastered at Giti Online Inc.

He urges people aiming to emerge in the industry to remember that no matter how much inventory or experience you have, make sure to have a great brand identity. This is simply a much-needed attribute if you are to succeed and thrive in the world of business.

Consistent content

Social media is your advertising platform – it is absolutely essential to create eye-catching content and continue doing this on a consistent basis.

Without a doubt, social media posts can go hand in hand with advertising.

Most boutiques tend to use stock images from the manufacturer but, if you really want to stand out from the rest, Christopher believes you should create your own material.

While this may seem like an arduous task, it will be worth it. You will certainly reap the rewards of doing this and it will set you apart from the rest.

Exceptional attributes

Giti started in 2003 from a small retail branch in The Oaks Mall in Gainesville, Florida.

The company wanted to supply high fashionable wear at affordable prices to the young adults in college towns.

Now based in Miami, Florida, the online store’s goal is to become a one-stop e-commerce shop that customers can purchase a full outfit from, head to toe.

Of course, big boutiques like Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing have much more reach than smaller firms but Christopher and his team are doing all they can to try to bridge the gap and continue Giti Online’s growth.

It truly is a unique company, which boasts a range of exceptional attributes and always puts customers first.

Leading by example

It opened up from retail to wholesale as it saw growth in new entrepreneurs trying to start their own businesses. But one major problem it recognised from new businesses was the supply of inventory.

Manufacturers are forced to deliver high quantities of products at a time so most new organizations are not able to buy the volume that manufacturers require.

This is where Giti Online steps in as the middleman and purchases them so that newer retailers are able to purchase in smaller quantities to kick-start their businesses.

The company offers fast shipping and offers the ability to carry more in quantity of certain products over the major retailers like Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing. Furthermore, it is one of the biggest plus size retailers online.

Giti Online tries to supply additional products for plus size shoppers as it sees a lot of customers requesting more of these items.

It is leading by example with its inclusive approach as it continues to ensure that all shoppers can purchase the clothes that they love wearing.

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