How Redstone Weathered The Pandemic Storm During Journey To Success

Redstone is on a mission to continue developing as it sets its sights on hitting new targets. We hear about the journey of the business so far, including the special recognition it has received.

Market Momentum

Some businesses fail, and some businesses succeed.

But it was only the latter outcome that Redstone would settle for.

In the face of initial adversity amid the coronavirus pandemic, it refused to be thwarted by the challenges that it faced.

And, now, it is on a mission to continue thriving and delivering.

Redstone – founded in 2020 – is the fastest growing Non-QM / Non-Prime lender in the country. 

The pandemic initially slowed Redstone’s momentum but when the market shifted to favor interest rates, it got the break it needed and the team ran with it.

The business offers a full range of products and services geared towards helping institutional investors, lending partners, and broker partners alike. 

Redstone’s marketplace platform and offerings are the perfect home for your alternative asset products, including fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) for various pricing scenarios.

Commonsense Approach

It is a full-service, multi-channel, digital origination platform specializing in the Non-QM marketplace. 

The business is highly regarded for its commonsense approach to underwriting and responsible lending, with Redstone perfectly blending a lightning-quick process with concierge-level service.

Meanwhile, it has also received special recognition for its work. 

In 2021, Built in Chicago voted Redstone as one of the best workplaces.

It was a proud honor for the team – but many more awards are sure to come in the future as the business continues its journey.

Biggest Success

But while it has enjoyed much success in its short journey to date, there is a particular success that stands out.

The steady development of new technology is hands-down the biggest success of the business. 

It has continuously rolled out technology since our inception in 2020, with its development team also seeing growth which will result in a faster turnaround for our hottest projects.

Despite taking its place in a hugely competitive industry, Redstone is pulling out all of the stops to show why the services it provides are superior to those of its rivals.

Endless Opportunities

Being a startup in what is currently a very hot industry, the opportunities are truly endless. 

From day one, Redstone’s goal has always been to go big, no matter what it was regard to. 

The eyes of the business are currently set on expanding its retail channel immensely in the next few years. With that, the team will also be growing its fintech side of the business with the release of a very influential piece of technology for the mortgage industry.

Redstone is unique because of its culture. Transparency and autonomy have been its core values from day one.

Redstone has enjoyed a remarkable journey since launching. 

However, thanks to its dedicated team and ambitious strategy, there is sure to be plenty more success to come in the future.

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