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How to Fill RAW Rolling Papers

Anyone who has ever attempted to roll a joint with rolling papers knows doing so can be challenging. Luckily, RAW offers cones that are easier to fill than traditional rolling papers.


However, it’s still wise to keep certain tips in mind when filling RAW cones. Knowing how to fill RAW rolling papers properly (many will use the terms “rolling papers” and “cones” interchangeably in this context) will help you enjoy a smoother smoke session.

Filling RAW Rolling Paper Cones: Tips to Keep in Mind

Fill RAW rolling papers cones like a pro by remembering the following:

Prepare the Space

Filling rolling papers or cones is like cooking: the process is easier if you gather all the materials you’ll need ahead of time.


They include:


  • Your flower
  • A grinder
  • Your raw cones
  • A surface on which to work


The surface can be something as simple as a large paper plate or paper towel on a table. You may want to dispose of some materials that get left behind on the surface when you complete the process. Doing your work over a disposable surface like these helps.

Grind Your Flower

Grinding your cannabis is an essential step in the process of filling RAW cones. The smaller the pieces of flower, the better.


Purchase a grinder for this specific purpose. Doing so will save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run. In the meantime, if you don’t currently have a grinder, you may attempt to grind cannabis with a coffee grinder.

Fill the Cone

The next step is relatively simple. Fill your cone by placing the ground cannabis in the opening.


Be careful when holding the cone during this step. To preserve the cone’s structural integrity, it’s best to hold it by the filter. Just be careful not to apply too much pressure when doing so. Holding the filter too tightly can break it.

Pack It

Packing the cone essentially involves tamping down the cannabis so you can pack as much flower in a cone as snugly as possible.


Shops that sell smoking and cannabis paraphernalia may sell cone packing products you can use for this step. A thin item like a chopstick can serve as an alternative if you don’t have such an item on hand.


Be aware that you can continue to fill your cone after packing it. You may have the best success filling a cone a little, packing it a little, and repeating the process until it’s fully packed.


All you have to do now is twist the end of the cone to close it up. Make sure you’ve left yourself enough space to do so! You can always remove some cannabis from the cone if you haven’t.

The Importance of Practice

Filling RAW cones is much easier than rolling a joint with papers. That said, it may still require some practice before you perfect your cones. Return to this guide if you ever forget any steps in the process.


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