Anthony Nuara

Inspired to Help Others – Anthony Nuara

Staying motivated is one of the many obstacles facing those in the big world of business in today’s society, but solving this issue is a matter which Anthony Nuara has mastered. Here we find out about his journey and ambitions.

Success during pandemic

The coronavirus crisis has completely disrupted society and caused unprecedented financial damage for many all over the world.

But innovative Anthony Nuara – who created and runs multiple eight to nine figure companies – adapted to life during the pandemic and had his best financial year to date in 2020. He refused to let anything get in his way and stop him, even Covid-19.

Nevertheless, despite his current level of success he is not settling.

Anthony is determined to continue working on his future goals and ventures. One of his key objectives for the future is to create a real estate hedge fund.

And although he has set his sights on becoming a billionaire, reaching that amount of wealth is not purely for the money.

By becoming billionaire, he knows just how many people he will be able to help with that level of influence and money.

All or nothing mentality

Anthony is certainly no stranger to running successful companies and has a huge range of experience. He is the CEO and founder of solar company Freedom Power Solutions, water purification company Freedom Water Solutions, Amazon automation company Amazon Freedom and Freedom Investing, which is a community of investors.

Many sacrifices must be made on the journey to success. But it is also vital for people to invest in themselves and their education, to ensure that they never stop learning on their journey. And that is exactly what Anthony, who reads a lot, has done during his career to date.

With his all or nothing mentality, he attacks opportunities. However, away from business, he understands the importance of setting time aside for his passions.

In his free time when he is not sucked into his business, he likes giving his family and friends the attention that they deserve.

The top three core values in his life remain unchanged – freedom, peace and growth. They act as a constant reminder of why he does what he does.

Turning point

There have been many key moments in Anthony’s life on his journey to success.

But a key turning point came when he got into door-to-door sales with $1,000 in his bank at 25 years old. He was brave enough to take a huge risk and now, at 31, is a multi-millionaire.

While he sometimes reflects on his past to see how far he has come, he never forgets the importance of living for the present. He says today is the happiest day of his life.

Furthermore, while Anthony Nuara has achieved success, he is not in it for awards. The best ‘awards’ he has ever received are the thousands of messages from people saying how he helped them or changed their lives. This is the only recognition that he desires – not trophies or certificates.

It is evident that Anthony always wants to be in the process of growing but also wants to help others grow.

As he continues doing all he can to achieve success, he has a favorite Fyodor Dostoevsky quote which he never forgets – and would like people to read: “Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”

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