William Leung

Why Ascend Ecom is Trusted by E-Commerce Entrepreneurs, CEO Jeremy Leung Shares Journey

E-commerce is thriving in today’s day and age, and Ascend Ecom is establishing itself as an authority in the space. The company is an industry leader in launching, operating, and scaling sustainable, passive income-yielding Walmart WFS and Amazon FBA e-commerce automation businesses for various clients. Led by Jeremy Leung and his partner, Will, using their extensive experience in the e-commerce space, Ascend Ecom is exceeding expectations and delivering results across the board.

Jeremy Leung has been in the e-commerce space ever since leaving his political career in 2016, when he worked for the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs as a political aide advising on matters relating to Australia’s international relations and diplomacy. After deciding to pivot his career to a totally different sphere, he found an avenue for his skills and knowledge in e-commerce. 

“In 2019, I designed and managed the operations for an online luxury retailer that dropshipped luxury clothes from designers such as Gucci and Prada from wholesalers in Italy to customers all around the world. In 2020, right before the company went public on the Australian stock exchange, I moved to the United States to complete an MBA at the University of Michigan, a top-10 MBA program, and after graduating, I started recruiting for jobs but decided to take a risk and focus my efforts on Ascend Ecom,” the founder said. 

After completing his first year of business school, Jeremy Leung landed an internship at American Airlines, but the opportunity got canceled because of the pandemic, causing him to temporarily return to Australia for the summer. Turning failure into an opportunity to explore something new, he began learning more about dropshipping on Shopify and started his first store, Haus Hooga, a store that sold nordic homewares. Within two months of running ads and implementing an intensive digital marketing campaign for his store, the entrepreneur was selling at least $100,000 worth of orders each month, all while Jeremy attended remote classes. That sparked the idea of diving into the e-commerce space full-time, ditching his parents’ desire for him to get a full-time corporate job and following his passion for starting his own business while simultaneously helping others scale theirs. 

“We want to do right by all our clients who trust us and are interested in getting into e-commerce. I think e-commerce is misunderstood by a lot of people who desire to learn how to run a profitable e-commerce store whether it be dropshipping, FBA, Walmart, private label products, or Shopify,” he added.

Ascend Ecom has guided countless entrepreneurs to effectively leverage all the opportunities in the e-commerce space, reaching goals in an efficient manner. Jeremy Leung noted that he and his team have worked with clients who have previously trusted other companies in the industry and failed because they were not given the services and expertise they deserve. Today, they reward their clients by working hard and delivering profit every month as a way to return the favor after gaining their trust and confidence. 

“There is no such thing as bad teams, just bad leaders. Leadership is so important, and often teams fall apart because of bad leaders. Everything stops with the leader no matter what,” Jeremy Leung said, emphasizing the value of gaining good leadership. Equipping his clients with the most efficient tools in e-commerce, the entrepreneur is also raising the next generation of leaders who will positively impact the industry in the long run.