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Brands require a safe place to conduct business, and that requires them to choose a construction development company. Though some shifted to remote work during the pandemic of 2020, things are starting to ramp back up, and brands want to have a specific place to work. This allows collaboration and continuity within the workforce.

They often turn to a construction development company to create the perfect building. With many options on the market, it’s hard to know where to turn.

However, Maestro Development is changing the way people think about construction, and Nareg Mouradian is the man who started it all.

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Building His Career

In 2015, Nareg Mouradian founded Maestro Development. The entrepreneur is of Armenian descent. Though born in Ethiopia, he came to America and went through formal education in California, graduating with a BS degree in construction engineering technology. CPP (California State Polytechnic University) provided him with the learning tools needed to do great things.

nareg mouradian - Maestro - Development
Nareg Mouradian – Maestro Development and Maestro Medical CEO

However, Mouradian continued his education at Orange County’s Chapman University, receiving an Executive Master’s degree in Business Administration. This helped him rise through the ranks and gain hands-on experience through various high-level positions.

Overall, his empathy toward the community and multicultural background helped him build relationships and trust with others, and now many people enjoy working for him through Maestro Development.

The Maestro’s Focus

Everyone struggles, and no one knows that better than Nareg Mouradian. He created a construction company from scratch just a few years before a global pandemic ripped through and threatened to tear it all down again. However, he realizes that leadership and servitude are crucial.

When you work with Maestro Development, you know that you’re dealing with a company that cares about your needs. Though you won’t work directly with Nareg because he’s the CEO and President of the company, many other team members are ready to listen to your requirements and help you bring your idea to life.

The Goal of Being Better

When Nareg started, he knew he had to get the education necessary to understand what the industry was about and how to break through into it. Though he worked for various brands in the past, he instantly knew it wouldn’t fulfill him for long. In fact, he needed to branch out from working under someone else, which is why Maestro Development was created.

His team offers collaborative solutions to meet your needs, and that includes a hands-on approach. Every client gets a solution that will make them successful. This consists of using appropriate delivery methods for the planning, construction, and design processes.

Maestro Development is proud to provide construction management, project management, and development services to all clients. If you work in these market sectors, you should consider this company:

  • Higher education
  • Multi-story and mixed-use properties
  • Public agencies
  • Healthcare

Everyone deserves the best they can get, and that often means reaching for the stars. Nareg Mouradian understands this because he went through it himself.

Since he’s the President and CEO of the company, you will rest easy knowing his team has you covered. Contact Maestro Development today to get started with your project. (Read Also)

Maestro Development also has an Instagram page @m8estro