Merali Media: Making a Difference for Realtors With It’s Tried and Tested Lead Generation System

Navigating the real estate business can be extremely difficult, and some would even say cutthroat. Among many of the several pain points that realtors face, one of the most challenging is the lengthy process of having to rifle through tons of leads without having any assurance of successfully closing a deal. Cognizant of this, one intuitive venture seeks to make the experience easier and more efficient – Merali Media.

This enterprise provides real estate professionals with an innovative approach that allows them to utilize their time more wisely and purposefully. They offer a fully comprehensive marketing solution. This ranges from setting up campaigns, video sales funnels and even getting on the phone with leads to book qualified appointments.

With this hassle-free approach, realtors can simply show up to these appointments and focus on what they do best, helping potential home buyers and sellers. Moreover, Merali Media is so confident about its system’s capacity to deliver results that it even promises to work for free if its partners do not get results.

This company derives leads from a plethora of sources, but makes sure to always focus on the platforms where the attention of most are. They mainly advertise on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube & Tik Tok. As a testament to its tried-and-tested formula, its clients typically hover between a $300 to $800 Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). In addition, one of its real estate agents recently made $60,000 in commission within their first two months of working with the organization.

“We love helping people take control of their business and their life. There is no better feeling in the world than when you truly impact someone’s life for the better. “says one Merali Media founder. 

They went on to explain, “We had our start in running different ecommerce stores but quickly realized that we can use the same advertising skills to help local businesses to generate more leads and customers. After getting great results for realtors, we doubled down and decided this was the type of person we want to help.”

Under exceptional leadership, The Merali Media enterprise has solidified its reputation as an industry authority. However, aside from its one-of-a-kind vision, what helped the brand thrive was perseverance and dedication. Merali Media realized early on that there are no shortcuts in creating a great client experience. 

At the end of the day, every campaign has to be personalized so that there is trust, authority & appreciation framed for the realtor prior to any appointment set. Leveraging this wisdom has allowed them to gain the confidence of its realtor clients and massively scale not only its own success but also that of its partners.

Moving forward, Merali Media aims to continue its extraordinary mission of simplifying the process for real estate professionals. As it optimistically declared, “Our goal is to help as many realtors close more deals so that they can live better lives.”For more information check out and book a time.

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