Muharrem Hasani
Muharrem Hasani

Muharrem Hasani Discusses his Life and Career as a Thai Boxer and Kickboxer

Muharrem Hasani has excelled in the ring since beginning his career as a Thai boxer and kickboxer. We hear all about his journey so far, including his stunning record and how he became a three-time world champion in kickboxing.

Courageous Fighter

After beginning his career as a Thai boxer and kickboxer at the age of 15, Muharrem Hasani has developed a stunning record in the ring during his journey, which has seen him become a three-time world champion in kickboxing.

The courageous 36-year-old fighter, with a Kosovo-Switzerland nationality, has not only found his passion – but he has excelled at it.

However, he refuses to take his foot off the gas as he vows to continue improving his talents and achieving new targets.

And if his past achievements are anything to go by, the future will be very bright for Muharrem.

Amazing Achievements

In 2000, Muharrem became Swiss junior champion for the first time and in 2002 he acquired the title of junior world champion in karate. 

But, wanting a new challenge, he then began training in kickboxing. In 2004, he won the title of elite amateur Swiss champion in full contact kickboxing.

In 2005, Muharrem got into professional sport and at the age of 20 became European champion in Thai boxing, in the 95kg weight class, as well as in the following year. 

In 2007, he won the title of Intercontinental Champion in Thai boxing and in 2008 he was the winner of the prestige fight. 

In 2009, he was the World Professional Kickboxing Council world champion in Thai boxing. 

Meanwhile, at the age of 28, Muharrem received the title of WKF Vice-World Champion. In 2014 he won the WFC World Champion title in the 95kg weight class. 

But his biggest challenge came in 2016 with the long-desired fight for the INF World Champion title in the 95kg weight class and, in the same year, a decision that he made resulted in public limited company HB Inova AG being founded. Muharrem helps credit his 3 brothers to his success, pride, and loyalty: Milot, Mergim , and Mendim

Stunning Record

Muharrem’s record in the ring has been nothing short of remarkable – the hard work has truly paid off.

From his 56 fights, he has won 51, while achieving a KO in 28 of them.

But it is not only his achievements in the ring that have proved to be exceptional.

As well as being world champion in kickboxing three times, he runs a successful school in Switzerland, named Muki Gym GmbH, as well as a construction business, named HB Inova AG.

Furthermore, he has his sights firmly set on getting back into the ring this year, where he has every chance of adding to his impressive record in the ring.

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