Naor Yazdan

Naor Yazdan Interview: becoming a fitness model

With Arnold Schwarzenegger as your icon, a passion for success and philanthropy for helping others achieve their best fitness physique would inevitably come about. Naor Yazdan started as a skinny kid chasing girls and winning them with their hearts to now amassing over 110,000 Instagram followers as he builds his worldwide fitness empire offering tailored personal fitness services.

4,000 clients and growing

Many fitness giants come and leave, others start a “thing” and leave said “thing”. Naor Yazdan has been a bodybuilder for over a decade (starting in 2011) and started the personal fitness website in 2019, where he garners many clients. The Yazdan method is holistic and communicative as it is tailored to each person, offering the best advice, industry information and the personal touch of Naor himself. The method is the man, a passion for bringing out the best in others, spreading infectious energy as a trainer that trains with you.

He starts his day with a shower, fresh face, clean space and then powers on for the 4,000+ emails in his inbox. After delegation, he works out at the local gym then spends time with his girlfriend and his dogs. He adopted a few dogs who bring fun and laughter to life as he brings expertise and faithfulness to his clients.

Naor, the man

Naor aim for the best expects the best and will be the best. He enters the room like his training room in the Israeli army. He learns the ropes, takes instruction, and studies the best. From there he goes on to be the best and then enters the next room and does the same. Working with him means never quitting and always trying.

Besides the ab-busting, cardio-raging and lifelong fitness changes that he instills within his program, he has a regular side. He enjoys movies, walks and spending time with his friends and girlfriend. Everything needs balance and albeit he is a model, bodybuilder and now fitness guru he fits in time to build his real estate business.

A dark time

Like his icon Arnie, Naor had a few bumps on the road to where he is now. Most notable, as he recalls at 27, “I thought it was game over for my days as a fitness model and that I will not be able to train as before”. He underwent heart valve replacement surgery, which had him in recovery for a few months before he could lift anything remotely heavy.

He has since returned as a stronger, healthier and fitter athlete. His 10-year-old self would have never imagined a turn of events but he would give this advice to himself and others, “you will be the best”. Even after major surgery, he still holds on to being the best.

The future

Coming from an army background, transitioning to professional modelling, bodybuilding and going on to professional qualifications in personal training- you would expect a grand plan of global Yazdan domination? However, in 10 years, he puts the focus on the things that matter now and forever, “I see myself doing the things I love with the family I love- and a huge success!” For more and to keep up with his journey, connect with him here and watch out for some free personal training tips: