Next Gen Dentistry – Dr. Marianna Weiner’s Million Dollar Smiles Come With A Full Spa Treatment

Dr. Marianna M. Weiner is leading her Brooklyn, New York, based Envy Smile Dental Spa clinic at the front food of modern dental care. Frequently listed among the States’ most respected dentists she is known to have transformed our classic image of dentist experiences. 

Dr. Weiner specializes on aesthetic treatments such as smile makeovers, smile design and porcelain veneers. But her highly qualified team of 25 experts cover the whole spectrum of dental care. Team Envy Smile comprises several specialists of various segments in the dentistry and spa treatment. Brooklyn, New York, is full of competitors that try to match the qualitative approach of Dr. Marianna and her clinic.Align arches, bite stabilization via functional orthodontics, invisaligns and many other techniques are daily procedures at the Envy Smile Dental Spa.

About The Founder 

Dr. Marianna Weiner comes from the third generation of a prolific dentist family. Her grandparents and parents were both prestigious practitioners. It was her father who introduced her to the idea of a compassionate approach. Since 1994, she has been giving back to the service community by helping nurses, teachers, police officers, construction workers and many other public professionals.

The master dentist opened her clinic in 1997 and since then, it has grown with a staff of 25 people, including experts of spa, reflexology, reception, dentistry and other fields that are relevant to their services.

A Refreshing Approach To Dental Services

One could say that the compassionate upbringing into aesthetic dentistry set the foundation for what turned into a unique combination of wellness and dental care. Today, the spa-clinic is one of a kind with a growing list of high-profile clients from around the globe. And it’s likely that the team around Dr. Marianna Weiner is setting a blueprint of dentistry for the future.

More importantly, the Envy Smile team works rigorously to develop new methods and procedures that exceed the high expectations of their clients. Constantly keeping the technology and training up to date is sure one way to do so. Sapphire (laser whitening) and laser gum treatments include high end technology and devices. Furthermore, there are always significant improvements in invisalign, orthodontic appliances and many other segments. 

Envy Smile Dental Spa stands as an alluring example of how glamorous a visit to your dentist could be. Due to an ever growing clientele, the team cane now encompass a wide range of clients and provide everyone an unforgettable spa experience. Dr. Marianna Weiner, with her accumulation of various affiliations and awards, has made sure to be the torch bearer of the future of the aesthetic dentist industry.