NFL-Superstar Antonio Brown Invests Big In DeezNuts

The top wide-receiver and last year’s Super Bowl winner announced his commitment to the charity coin a couple of weeks ago. He backed his endorsement with a major investment. DeezNuts is a charity coin that is focussed on raising funds for cancer research and treatment.

Antonio Brown is one of those names in the NFL that everyone knows. For once, for his undeniable talent and success on the field. But especially in recent years also for his polarizing character, with one headline chasing another in 2019. But the Buccaneers’ top wide receiver bounced back and not only made his way back into the NFL after a ban, he also teamed up with the GOAT Tom Brady again. A recipe that would immediately bring the Super Bowl trophy to Florida, and has Tampa Bay confident in defending the title in the upcoming season.

Now media’s favourite has announced via Twitter and Instagram, that he is going ALL IN on a financial investment. Following the likes of other celebrities, Brown is endorsing the charity crypto currency DeezNuts. A coin with the purpose to raise money for cancer research and treatments in collaboration with several organizations.

Antonio Brown tweeted

‘I’ve decided I’m going to join DeezNutsCoin and what they stand for and I’m going ALL IN on DeezNuts!’

The charity coin is one of those to have celebrated massive success through celebrity endorsements and a humanitarian function that a broader audience can associate with. After these latest endorsements, it would be a surprise if those successes don’t multiply.