One Of The Music Industry’s Finest Digital Artists Launches The Next Big NFT Project

Ryan Robinson, known as the artist Rhabbitz, is a digital native artist and one of the favourites of the modern music industry. With artwork for major artists such as Kodak Black, Juice WRLD, XXXTentacion, Gucci Mane, 21 Savage or Playboi Carti, he’s clearly in demand within the top artists of the current scene. With the recent digital movement, his work is gaining new value and relevance.

Digital artwork has such an important role for music artists in the times of social media, yet the artists behind the work often remain out of the spotlight, or even unmentioned. With the recent rise of NFTs, this has changed. People started to acknowledge the value and work of modern artists, recognizing their work by itself. The reasons are plenty, but definitely go much futher than the idea of making a smart financial investment. 

The platform forms communities that allow art collectors or fans to interact with their favourite artists. Especially the idea of being part of a continuing project – and being there from the start – is very intriguing.

Ryan Robinson’s Special Collection

Rhabbitz is now releasing his solo project into the digital world. The ‘Bunny Buddies’ are a collection of 8888 hand-drawn bunnies integrated into the Ethereum blockchain. The pieces are designed by Ryan Robinson and express a range of strong personalities and edgy aesthetics in the Metaverse.

Robinson explains the creative process behind the pieces:

I like the balance of cute with semi realistic aesthetics: make it bright but also have a sense of realism that’s why all the bunnies are half black.That’s how my life is. I’m a guy that has a bright side and a dark side like everyone and I like to use both in my creative process” 

A Piece Of Modern Pop Culture

Given the fact that his work has been a relevant part of pop music and the hip hop scene in the last decade, fans for the first time have the chance to own a piece of Zeitgeist, of current pop culture. 

Preview of one of Ryan Robinson’s ‘Bunny Buddies’ NFT artworks.

The owners of the main drop will also randomly have the chance to mint one of the 20 ‘Legendary Bunnies’ to be revealed after the main release. With big name investors and celebrities already in line to get their hands on one of those, the value of the collection is predicted to profit from that movement and attention.

Bunny Buddies is surely one of the more interesting projects to keep your eyes on in the times of this booming industry, given the fact that a true artist has dedicated his life work to this digital project reflecting different personalities and mental health.