Producer Graham Kramer Announces Comeback – And Drops Some Big Names

Music industry multi-entrepreneur Graham Kramer is looking to claim back the spotlight as a producer this year. The man behind the surface of a variety of major music festivals in the United States is looking to link up with some of the world’s most popular artist – with new music coming in 2021.

Kramer just knows how to bring things together. Whether it’s top rank artists and production teams, where he’s been a match maker with a feeling to create hits. But surely also his talent to give a face to some of the United States’ biggest music festivals, where it’s large crowds that he unites. For both, it’s distinctive how audiences across genres are drawn in to the world of Kramer, a place that sounds like the modern top 10, allowing to grow into other spheres while playfully ruling the world of hip-hop, electronic dance music & pop. 

Now after a period of hiding away, it has come clear that Graham Kramer has been cooking something on the creative side again. The producer announced that he is looking forward to release projects including greats such as Justin Bieber, Diplo & Lil’ Pump. 

Artists from three different ends of popular music, that we still certainly can see appearing on the same playlist. Kramer hasn’t given any details about what form of project we are to expect, but it looks like the big surprise is aimed to be revealed this year. 

Kramer has certainly used the last two years during the lockdown to dedicate himself to production again and we can’t wait to see what diamonds this special time has brought to the surface.