Scarlett Bella Is Collaborating On A Teen Fashion Jewelry Line Launching This Fall

Scarlett Bella Song is a rising name among the teenage social media stars. The young talent has announced the launch of a jewelry line designed by her. It is in partnership with Annie And Sisters Jewelry, known as ‘Annie x Scarlett.’ The elegant collection will be available officially by fall this year. 

Scarlett is a teen actress, dancer, model, entrepreneur, and artist who recently moved to Dallas from Los Angeles. She has been a prominent figure in the teen industry, focusing on fashion, accessories, and other keen interests of teenagers. These include skincare, travel destinations, entertainment, and sharing experiences. 

The multi-talented wonder girl has managed to score a compelling array of achievements. She’s been a part of the award-winning Hip-hop and contemporary dance academy. This September, she will also appear walking at the NYFW, pivoting her modeling career to new heights. 

Simultaneously, the youth is also working towards enhancing humanity through her platform. Her social media handles, Tik Tok and Instagram focus on sharing positive messages. Often, they also showcase a glimpse at the life of the artist behind the scenes. The young talent certainly understands trends and knows what would entice people. 

According to the icon herself, she drives inspiration from several socially active stars and choreographers. Katy Perry’s Firework (the song) was the first burst of inspiration while she was a kid. Since then, her list of inspirations grew consistently with incredible personalities like Meghan Trainor, Hailee Steinfeld, Taylor Hatala, and Jojo Gomez. These are some prominent names, and she also drives inspiration from all the iconic stars and the K-pop world. 

Scarlett enrolled in dancing, singing, and acting when she was three years old. These were just a part of her extracurricular activities, as she also enjoyed soccer, ice skating, and swimming. After listening to ‘Fireworks’ by Katy Perry, she realized her dream to be a pop star as a kid. Since then, the youth and her parents have focused on enhancing her capabilities and bring out the best.

While she is a versatile brilliance of various fields, she does have a remarkable charm of an everyday girl. Scarlett loves attending school regularly, which is a surprise as most of her peers attend home school. Shedding more light into the matter, the youth exclaims she does face her challenges with bullying and rejections, but dance has helped her grow as a resilient personality. She finds time to practice during the evening or nights on weekdays and doesn’t skip weekends either.

Prioritizing education, Scarlett agrees to the need for educational values for her future goal of becoming a world-class entrepreneur and starting her production studio that will focus on nurturing young talents like her. The young adventurer has explored over 15 countries and will resume her journey post-pandemic.