Shareen Adair: Journey Of A Beauty Enthusiast


Shareen Adair has refused to let adversity deter her from her vision in life. We hear all about the challenges she has faced on the way to success.

Battling Past Adversity

Everybody faces adversity throughout their life.

Some experience a lot of it, some a little. 

But it is all about how people respond in the face of adversity which determines their path in life.

Not many people will have faced more challenges during their lives than the courageous Shareen Adair.

But rather than let it hold her back, she instead continued striving to achieve her goals and remained dedicated to her vision – which resulted in her launching the School of PMU.

Shareen – who has a Masters in clinical research from UCSF – has been in the business since 2007.

Educating Artists

In 2010, she started ICandy Eye Salon and created 9 locations all over the Bay Area specializing in permanent makeup and lash extensions.

One of the key features was that all the training was in house and that started her journey to be an educator.

Furthermore, a key feature of education was that it allowed students to translate what they learned to business.

The School of PMU came into being at around the same time and over the past five years, Shareen has focused on the education of artists in the permanent makeup field, while bringing along her business expertise.

Shareen has organized permanent makeup conventions, which provide the opportunity for artists to learn from the best in the field.

She not only has a focus on her own journey, but she is also committed to doing all that she can to ensure that others develop their talents and achieve their full potential.

Turning Point

Every person around the world has a key moment or turning point in their life.

For Shareen, a key moment was when she joined Emirates to become a flight attendant to see the world and to save up to educate herself in the USA.

Furthermore, she bravely walked away from an abusive marriage and started her own business after being let go from her research job at UCSF.

Shareen has not only encountered huge levels of adversity in her life, but she has used those experiences to make herself stronger and thrive.

She is proof that, regardless of the challenges that you face, anything is possible if you stay committed to your vision.

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