Study reveals which countries cheat the most in video games

Cheating in video games is relatively common. Perhaps because people who are passionate about the world of virtual games are usually quite knowledgeable about technology and manage to get the most out of it or perhaps because doing so allows them to enjoy advantages over the games they enjoy. Whatever the reason, we must recognize that it is a common practice since the beginning of the industry.

However, despite being a common practice, the idea of ​​cheating in video games can detract from the original objective of the competitions, since unequal relationships are created between the players who face each other.

For the same reason, several people are dedicated to the laborious task of identifying players who use cheats, but it is complex. This not only depends on the security and prevention systems, but also on common sense and the detection of some strange behaviors in the players. For this reason, many video games have moderators and administrators on their servers.

Some companies have worked seriously on the issue and created systems to avoid cheating in the long term. For example, the company Surfshark recently published a study with details on cheating in video games that considers official sources, patterns in thousands of players and analysis of some streaming sessions. Because video games have been shown to be good for mental health, we consider that the correct use of them is essential. Therefore, we share some revelations from the studies of this company.

Some data from the report

The countries most interested in cheating for video games are: Sweden, with 145 Google searches on the subject per million inhabitants, followed by the United States, Australia, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Canada.

In South America, the countries with the most searches for traps are Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

The video game with the largest presence of cheating players in the world is Fortnite. Many get their cheats from YouTube tutorials. We well know that this website contains tutorials for all types of interest, including information about marijuana. Cheating videos in this game reach 26,822,000 views on YouTube for videos of how to commit violations in the game.

The second game with the most cheaters is Overwatch, whose views of cheating tutorials on YouTube reach 9,279,829 views.

Some of the cheats that players use have to do with hacks, for example, to achieve tools or forms of attack that are not available to the naked eye. Another form of cheating that people look for is how to use a wallhack. That is, how to see all the players through the walls.

Some of the reasons gamers choose to cheat at video games have to do with getting an edge over other competitors, but it’s also just about fun sometimes.