Tesla broke record for car sales

Tesla is an American automobile company. They manufacture, design and sell them and have positioned themselves as market leaders.

Its models are quite luxurious and are distinguished by being innovative in terms of electric vehicle propulsion systems. In fact, its cheapest model is estimated at $ 25,000. For this reason, their sales figures have been increasingly positive and, contrary to what happened with some other businesses, they have seen a significant increase during the pandemic.

This is how Tesla managed to break a new record in car sales. And, by the end of 2020, the company sold and delivered 599,550 cars to its customers, in addition to producing 509,737 units. Interestingly, although these figures are a record for the company, they are still below its annual goal, which in 2020 was half a million. Nor is it to feel bad, since they clearly fell slightly below that figure.

In addition, only in the last quarter of the year, when the coronavirus pandemic most threatened to generate historical economic crises in countries like Mexico, Tesla sold 180,570 vehicles and produced 179,575 units.

This was actually the record they broke, as the company led by billionaire Elon Musk (who has shared his advice on being successful) had never sold more than 150,000 vehicles in a quarter.

The Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y account for 86% of deliveries. Both are part of the range of electric cars that was recently announced by Elon Musk and that include other models such as the Model S and Model X on his list.

In fact, the Tesla Model 3 broke another record by itself, as it was the third best-selling model in Europe with a total of 22,118 units, just behind the Volkswagen Golf (30,652) and Renault Clio (27,516). This makes it the first electric car to make it into the top 10 of the overall car sales ranking.

Given the success that the American company founded in 2003 continues to have, there are no signs that it will undergo modifications in its production plans, beyond the pandemic that affects several businesses in the world. In fact, Tesla is now working on the production of new models. In theory, by 2021 there will be a new Cybertruck pick-up, which, according to statements issued by Cybertruck Owners Club, already has 600,000 units reserved since its opening on November 21, 2019, at a rate of 1,000 reservations per day. These reserves come from the United States (76%), Canada (10.36%) and Australia (3.23%). Less than 7% of clients come from Europe. Interestingly, 92% of customers chose their Cybertruck with two or three engines, while the entry version (one engine) barely accounted for 8% of orders.