The 3 McDonalds Dishes Employees Hate (And Don’t Recommend)

What is the best McDonalds dish? The Big Mac? The quarter pound with cheese? In general, McDonalds and all fast food chains tend to have products that, for one reason or another, attract anyone, and although their taste is not gourmet, it is good enough to satisfy us and make us feel guilty for breaking the diet. However, there are still some risks and we can find terrible products.

Usually we wouldn’t ask a McDonalds employee, “What do you recommend for me?” So experimenting with the menu is a matter of trying individually and finding out what’s good and what we’ll never order again. Of course, not just anyone. it takes this bother, but as a way to give an answer to what would be the worst dishes of the chain, Business Insider decided to survey the workers of those restaurants.

The survey, carried out in 2019, was made of employees who at that time were working at McDonalds and others who had already left their employment in the franchise, and considering that they usually receive vouchers to eat at the restaurant, in addition to preparing food and they have an overview of how each product works, they definitely have the best perspective on which are the worst and best dishes.
McDonalds in pandemic

The worst McDonalds dishes

According to employee responses, one of the worst dishes is the Filet-O-Fish or Fish Sandwich, which was the first made without beef in 1965 and is generally not one of the first options of the customers (except for Donald Trump, who is a huge fan of this dish).

According to one of the testimonies, he states that this is a favorite of the elderly because he assumes that it is “easy to chew” for them, while another stated that the meat was quite “disgusting” for his personal taste.

Another thing that employees do not recommend at all are any of the healthy options … Yes, although it seems ironic, the salad options are among the worst dishes. One of the employees points out that in addition to not being a fan of vegetables, the caloric content of these dishes is “astronomical”. According to Business Insider, some range from 320 to 520 calories, while a Big Mac has 540 calories, so although it seems like the “healthy” option, it is not.

Finally, the third piece that they do not recommend is the Chicken Sandwich, which is also another healthy option, and that one of the employees said that it is bathed in margarine during its preparation so it is not as healthy as it seems.

On the other hand, the outlet interviewed a former general manager of a McDonalds who recommended that no one order anything new from the menu as they like to stick with the basics. That would be some advice that maybe we would also do. McDonalds is known for its popular products and it is those that keep the taste of the people, the new is usually temporary and go away. What is surprising is the long life that the Fish Sandwich has had in different markets.

This does not always happen. McDonalds was recently a topic of conversation as after 4 years of not serving its Hi-C Orange drink in the United States, which caused a bad reaction from consumers, who demanded its return, it is finally bringing it back. Some products stay.

In another report, Insider decided to rank all Burger King dishes, where they listed the simplest burger, the Cheeseburger, the Bacon Cheeseburger, and the Double Cheeseburger as the worst dishes, with the best being the worst. classic whooper.