The Global Influence of Italy’s Flagship Yellow Square Hostel and Why It Remains The Best In Europe

Hostels have seen a massive boom in the last 35 years and have begun to spring up all over the world, for the young hostels are part of the big dream of getting out there and exploring, meeting hundreds of driven individuals who bring them together to celebrate that wonderful thing we call being Young, and ambitions.

If we had to name a hostel that the backpacking community keeps mentioning all over the world, it would be Yellow Hostel (Rome), hostels keep upgrading, and upgrading non-stop, offering the experience while providing first-class hospitality, Yellow Hostels (now a chain) with locations in Milan, and Florence it’s one of a kind to witness.

I heard about Yellow for the first time in Thailand in the summer of 2014. There are a few hostels whose names are known outside of their home countries, and these are on the bucket lists of many people. I heard about Yellow Hostel not once, but 14 times. I have a thing for keeping count of things.

Since it’s opening in 1999, when they decided to turn an small apartment to rent out some beds, it slowly turned into “a must” among all those hostels seekers, with the premise of all the rewards that come with traveling, it created one unique atmosphere.

The Yellow was voted Rome’s best hostel at the 2011 Hoscars.

Hostelworld has called the hostel’s bar the ‘cheapest in town’ Their visitors say the staff knows the best places to party and must-see sites and ‘will make you feel at home and help in every way’ The hostel’s party atmosphere is chill, comfortable, fun, and safe,’ as per their thousands of positive reviews.

In 2015, I had the chance to spend a few days in Rome for my second international location scout gig for a movie. This gave me the chance to hit the Yellow. I was way too young and wanted to party. It felt like destiny when i realized i was staying 10-mins walk from it. The hostel with that crazy (in the best way) atmosphere. In all seriousness, the energy was tantalizing.

The yellow Square has set the bar high for the developing hostels trough out the globe, from an American point of view, with college students being the one frequenting them, a whole knowledge of hostels and what factors influence peoples their intent to stay.

Yellow Hostel provides world-class comfort for travelers in a centrally located location where you can walk to every major landmark. Their work ethic is based on the purpose of what a youth hostel should be, and it is a worldwide example of transformation, innovation, and genuine care for their guests.

Hey you! don’t think it twice, the only way is to go… Yellow!

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This was a collaboration with international writer and location scout Troy Bronson, reporting from Rome for TIME’S Los Angeles.