The PR Kings

Renowned Company The PR Kings Brings a Whole New Meaning to Public Relations with Ali Kamel at the Helm

In this day and age, PR is king. A brand’s message and identity is ultimately cultivated by the influence and impact it can manage to acquire over the course of its operations. The modern methods of digital marketing have bolstered the capacity of businesses to get their names out to the world, capturing an even bigger audience than ever before. One company stands at the forefront of the industry, helping its clients from different niches stand out from the crowd. That company is none other than The PR Kings

As its name implies, The PR Kings is a definitive authority in the public relations industry. The renowned PR firm works with Real Estate Agents , Financial Advisors and Lawyers but isn’t necessarily limited to these industries. Seeing as how personal finances , purchasing properties and protecting yourself are top-of-mind concerns for most consumers, PR Kings helps both businesses and consumers alike foster a relationship of trust and credibility that promises success on all fronts.

The PR Kings brings its clients third-party credibility via different publications, television features and podcasts. “We make it easier for the Business and the Consumer to do business together. The Business is automatically trustworthy in the Consumer’s eyes, so the transaction becomes seamless,” explained founder and CEO Ali Kamel.

Ali Kamel has been in the marketing industry for over three years now. He initially got his start in the realm of public relations two years ago. Much of his long-standing industry success is rooted in his passion for working with people and the industry of marketing. “Public Relations really attracted me because you’re able to give people a chance to tell a story that they may not have been able to before working with a PR expert,” explained Ali.

The PR Kings stands out from other Public Relations companies by virtue of its outstanding communication. All of the company’s clients are provided direct access to the CEO in case they ever have any questions or concerns. “We become best friends with our clients and treat them as though they’re our family,” shared the visionary entrepreneur.

The PR Kings is known for cultivating a sense of trust among its esteemed clients and developing long-term relationships, as PR is always an ongoing service. Clients will always have something to say and will always need someone to help them say it. Fortunately, The PR Kings is always readily available.

Recently, The PR Kings just reached its biggest month yet, obtaining $40,000 and serving well over 30 clients. Upon reaching this tremendous milestone, the company has taken things up a notch by formulating its short-term goals for the rest of the year. One of those goals is reaching a targeted $100,000 in recurring revenue every single month. The company is projected to reach this target by the end of December. 

Things are looking extremely bright for The PR Kings and its clients. As certified royalty of the PR industry, the renowned company is steadily staking its claim and becoming a force to be reckoned with. It’s only a matter of time before the company becomes a household name, bringing even bigger success to its clients without fail.