Roderick Harvey’s The Starstruck Collection is the Clothing Industry’s Next Big Thing

To some, clothes are simply body coverings that serve as protection from the cold, heat, dirt, and other elements. For them, there is no need to pay much attention to what they wear. However, most people consider their outfits as an extension of themselves that help them gain confidence. Hence the famous adage, “Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.” Cognizant of this, one outstanding enterprise is dedicated to helping clients look and feel great – The Starstruck Collection.

The clothing company offers a wide range of vibrantly colored and beautifully crafted tracksuits and track pants. What makes the garments stand out is their signature star and stripes, making each one a recognizable Starstruck piece from even far away. In addition to its premium quality and superb style, what clients love about the brand is its flexibility, as it allows tracksuit colors to be customized.

Because of these, the enterprise has become one of the top clothing lines since its inception. With how it has successfully gained attention from celebrities, the Starstruck Collection is now synonymous with luxury as it is the go-to choice of elite customers. As a testament to this, the venture has customized tracksuits for several celebrities and A-listers, including comedian Rickey Smiley, football Star Antonio Brown, former football star Chad Ochocinco, and the legendary Snoop Dogg.

On top of having exquisite clothing designs, what helped the brand achieve great renown was the leadership of founder and owner Roderick Harvey, also known as the tailor to the stars. With over 13 years of industry experience under his belt, the intuitive man has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise that have helped him successfully scale his enterprise into what it is now known today.

The visionary is constantly looking for ways to innovate and expand the brand, and recently he designed custom StarStruck scrubs exclusively for Mr. Billion Dollar Smile, Dr. Mario Montoya. After sharing the trailblazing concept on Instagram, the entrepreneur received countless positive feedback, especially from medical professionals who are also eager to wear their very own custom scrubs. 

When asked what helped him achieve such impressive accomplishments, he considers his upbringing to be a significant factor. Growing up, he always saw his father working tirelessly and diligently, which ultimately motivated him to employ the same drive in all his endeavors.

As the entrepreneur sincerely said, “I got here with God and great work ethics. Hard work really does pay off.” 

Aside from being a distinguished business owner, the inspiring man has also demonstrated an admirable commitment to giving back. He shared that the proceeds for his latest selection, The Graffiti Line, will be given back to the boys and girls club in the community he grew up in. 

Moving forward, Roderick Harvey plans to bring The Starstruck Collection to even greater heights, catering to more clients. Moreover, the founder is already planning on opening a massive clothing store in the future. As such, people should keep an eye out for the incredible enterprise as it makes its way to the top of the fashion industry.