Arash Barmaan
Arash Barmaan

This App is Not for Hookup Culture, Find Your 21st Century Love on Boos!

As the times are ever so rapidly changing, so does our perspective on love. We have transitioned from a strict marital society into what we all know to be hookup culture. Founder and CEO, Arash Barmaan and his new dating app, Boos, is taking hold and once again changing the dating dynamic back to trying to find a true love. Uniting two communities, this Persian-Jewish dating app has changed what it means to find love within each culture. Boos is breaking out of the strict cultural expectations of arranged marriages and marrying an individual with a certain career and of a certain status . Boos is for people who want to pursue an unconventional career choice so they can love what they do professionally, and date and marry without the traditional societal constraints and expectations. “You should choose to do whatever you want professionally, but just make sure that it makes you happy, and that you can go on to have a happy personal life as well,” Barmaan says. 

Barmaan was crafty in his creation of Boos for the Persian-Jewish community. However, even though Boos is mainly targeted towards the demographics of the Persian-Jewish community and population, it absolutely will not exclude any individual that wants to download this app. Whether you want to date within the Persian-Jewish community or you are a member of it, Boos will be free to download for all users, no matter what gender, race, or ethnicity that they come from. The more people that join the Boos community, the happier and merrier everyone will be. 

Barmaan is also excited to announce the companies release of Poly, an app for polyamorous dating. “As non-monogamy becomes increasingly popular,” Barmaan says,“it is becoming less and less taboo to be involved in an open relationship.” The number of people practicing ethical polyamory in the United States is growing year after year. Poly will allow people to find multiple open-minded people, as well as become a third, fourth, or fifth partner in an existing polyamorous relationships. As hard as he is working to change the dynamic of hookup culture into a long lasting relationship, not everyone is ready to settle down yet and that’s what makes Poly the perfect place for you to look forward too. 

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