This is the hospital that serves food with cannabis for its patients

Is there a hospital that serves cannabis food on its regular menu? The answer is yes, and it is neither a joke nor for a special occasion nor for fashion nor is it illegal. This restaurant has found a perfect balance to serve it and that its consumption is controlled and curiously, it is inside a hospital and the food is provided to hospitalized patients regularly, without stigmas by who consumes it or who prepares it. This is the first world …

The Abhaibhubejhr Day Spa restaurant located in a hospital in Thailand is the protagonist of this story that not only demonstrates an open mind, but also true scientific advances that rely on marijuana as a medicinal and sanitary remedy for its patients. Since 2018, marijuana has been legal in this country and a fundamental part of it being so is that from its roots and history, the plant formed an important part in its culture that included its use in the culinary arts of various regions of the country.
For decades, cooking with marijuana has explored new horizons in culinary art.

Ultimately, the plant has been legalized, which allows us to explore a myriad of benefits that the plant offers (including the properties of THC, not just CBD) and this hospital has taken a revolutionary step in this era by using components without any problem. of the plant that include psychoactive substances in their daily dishes that feed any patient.

“Are we laughing at what we ate tonight? I do not believe it. We laugh simply because we are happy ”reveals a patient who affirms that marijuana in his food makes it more pleasant to recover from any illness or pain and is grateful that it does.
The dishes in the hospital are controlled and they are still healthy.

Without a doubt, it is a challenge for the intellectual artists of each dish, since they do not want to exceed the amounts of THC that a person can consume and also, not all of them react in the same way to the effects of cannabis. For this reason, the doses that are included are even consulted with the patients, but yes, no person can consume more than 5 marijuana leaves in a meal. Being the hospital that serves food with cannabis represents a challenge, but the dishes included in the menu are as healthy as they are nutritious and this includes a special treatment to the plant that is sometimes fried, sometimes sewn, but is always integrated into the dishes naturally and patients appreciate it.

For now, the restaurant’s plans are to extend its ideals to Western cuisine, but for this it is necessary that the legislation of the plant advances in the main countries on this side of the world. It is one thing to allow to carry certain grams or its planting, and quite another to allow a hospital to serve it at pleasure in its food. We look far away, but the last two years have been quite great in terms of acceptance of the plant and its use, as shown by hospitals in Canada that use CBD for cancer recovery or entertainment artists who they begin to add zeros in their accounts with the marijuana business thanks to the permission to be able to market cannabis products.
The marketing of culinary products with marijuana is becoming popular around the world.

The hospital menu is expanding and for doctors, “we are returning to eat as our culture ate before.” Do you think this measure really helps the patient naturally to recover and have better days and nights? Perhaps we are not that far from the first Mexican cannabis restaurant and instead of epazote we enjoy a couple of marijuana leaves in some quesadillas.