Kelly Siegel
Kelly Siegel

Unique Services Provided By Kelly Siegel And National Technology Management Set Company Apart From Competition

IT company National Technology Management, which is headed by Kelly Siegel, has enjoyed a remarkable journey since it was founded in 1997. We hear all about the business and Kelly’s vision, as well as key advice for anybody who wants to emerge in the industry. 

Truly Dedicated 

Second is the first loser.

This powerful quote is Kelly Siegel’s favorite.

The determined individual – who heads up National Technology Management (NTM) – has achieved a remarkable amount of success in his life, and has certainly enjoyed many wins on his path so far.

Too many people around the world give up on their dreams and refuse to chase their passion.

Far too often, people take the comfortable risk-free road, which in many cases leads to a life of discontent.

When faced with challenges or setbacks, rather than overcome or learn from them, people often tend to give up – rather than push through and take a major step closer to achieving their goals.

Kelly has stayed dedicated to his vision and goals during his life, a move which has well and truly paid off for him. And he is continuing to play a key role in the success of NTM.

Solving Problems

NTM was formed from a merger between Kelly Communications and Venture Data Comm.  

It was originally founded in 1997, so it is 25 years old this year.

NTM is the most responsive, easiest to do business with IT company.  

It delivers peace of mind through technology, every day.

The company’s solution is a turn key phone, cybersecure, insurance compliant offering whether onsite or in the cloud. If you have a problem, NTM will solve it.

NTM runs EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) with all decisions being made from its core values – which are Tenacious, Continuous Improvement, Honesty & Integrity, Family, Results Delivered.  

Regardless of whether it is facing major challenges, or enjoying huge success, one thing that always stays in place at NTM is that it will stick to its core values throughout its journey. An extremely impressive trait to have, and one which will continue delivering success.

Zero Mistakes

Of course, there is no shortage of competition in the industry for NTM.

However, it is clear to see that there is much which separates the company from its competition.

NTM is so easy to do business with due to all of its automation. From a quote, to an order, to installation is a super-fast and defined process. 

There are zero mistakes or miscommunications if the process is followed. This delivers predictable and repeatable results every time.  

Furthermore, the company actually also says ‘no’ a lot of the time and does not take on everyone.

NTM’s goal is to be the best. The company measures everything to get better and won’t settle for less.

Meanwhile, Kelly also has some valuable advice for young entrepreneurs or anybody who wants to emerge in the industry.

He urges them to keep it simple – and says don’t try to be all things to all people, and lead with cybersecurity. Kelly also highlighted the importance of keeping your prices and standards high.

Truly valuable advice for anyone looking to succeed in the industry.

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