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10 Reasons Why LA

Los Angeles is the best city in the world!

Hollywood movie stars to sunsets in Santa Monica, the love for LA constantly runs through the air. Whether you’re indulging in the best food and desserts in the country or heading to Staples Center for the next big game, there is something for everyone in LA. Without a doubt, our favorite part about living in Los Angeles is the fashion and style LA locals pridefully exhibit. However, Proud Angeles was built to help our city shine as bright as possible, so we decided to make a list that is made up of 10 of many reasons we love Los Angeles!

1.) Los Angeles weather is always just right.

Let’s get it out of the way first because you are probably tired of hearing about it, but LA has the nicest weather year round. In what other cities can you wear just about whatever you want and always be comfortable? Walking down an LA street, you’re bound to see an eclectic variety of styles and clothing.  One of the many perks of Los Angeles weather is wearing whatever you want, whenever you want

2.) The best food from all around the world.

Los Angeles is a Foodie’s paradise. There is an endless list of amazing places to eat, that contains cuisine from virtually all backgrounds.  If you want to experience some of the best cooking in the world, and or impress your date it won’t be hard, just take them to Beverly Hills or Hollywood.  Lunchtime is always something to look forward to thanks to in LA thanks to the hundreds of addicting food trucks that are spread out throughout the city. Don’t worry you, vegetarians and vegans, you can stop reminding us you don’t eat meat, but seriously, if you can’t find something healthy to eat here you’re helpless.

3.) The Los Angeles Sports Teams.

Greater Los Angeles is home to a total of nine professional sports teams.  Responsible for some of the biggest stars and teams internationally. Where do you begin? With the historic Los Angeles Lakers, who recently picked up some up and coming ballers? Or what about the Dodgers who nearly won the World Series (we still love you Dodgers). This all goes without mentioning other fantastic teams like the Clippers, Kings, Galaxy, Rams, Chargers and more.  LA is the destination for names on big screens, including those who only walk the red carpet during the ESPY’S, as well as talented teams who always give the city something to talk about.

4.) Los Angeles is the creative capital of the world.

About one out of every six LA residents works in the creative industry. This city has more designers, filmmakers, writers, models, actors, and musicians fulfilling their dreams than any other city in the world. Even your favorite Instagrammers favorite Instagrammer has probably traveled through LA to get inspired. This is the home of Hollywood, and the land where dreams come true, imagination becomes reality, and stars are born!

5.) We have some of the best Universities for college students.

UCLA is the second-oldest University of California school with its roots beginning in Westwood in 1919. There are about 31,000 undergraduates and 13,000 graduate students enrolled at UCLA, and the school received 119,000 applicants last Fall. That makes it the most applied to school in the United States. If you know about the UCLA Bruins blue and gold, then you must know about the rival cardinal red and gold of the USC Trojans. USC is among the top private universities in the country, and these two schools enjoy one of the most famous rivalries in college sports every year in the same city!

6.) Want to go the beach? Pick one!

With its awesome weather and coastal location, Los Angeles has a variety of beaches to choose from. Ride the Ferris wheel and eat at Bubba Gumps on the Santa Monica Pier. Get your skate on and watch incredible street performers on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Practice your surfing on the perfect waves of Malibu Surfrider Beach. Explore some sea caves and tide pools at Leo Carillo State Beach. After wiping the sand off, get in your car and check out Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach. The LA coast has it all!

7.) Los Angeles has the best music.

If you have a favorite artist, chances are that he/she has played in Los Angeles.  Some of the biggest names in music were even birthed on these streets. Have you ever heard of Kendrick Lamar? Chances are the answer is yes. No matter where they are from, or whether you see them at FYF, Camp Flog Gnaw, The Fonda Theater,  or take a quick trip in April to Coachella, if you like music LA is the city for you.

8.) Los Angeles is one of the most diverse cities in the US.

It’s amazing how many cultures can call Los Angeles home. As you drive through the city you can’t help but see signs the numerous areas of LA that make it so special; Chinatown, Silver Lake, Marina Del Rey, Little Armenia, The Arts District and Echo Park all provide no shortage of diversity in LA. Not only does LA have language and food diversity, we also rank highest in educational diversity. The City of Angels brings people of all colors, cultures, and creeds together like nowhere else!

9.) Art is appreciated more in Los Angeles than anywhere else!

With 841 museums and art galleries in Los Angeles County, LA has the most museums per capita in the entire world. Some of its famous museums are The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Getty Center, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Dozens of thousands of people enjoy the Downtown Art Walk on Gallery Row every month. Explore the largest collection of historical and contemporary art in the world in Los Angeles!

10.) Los Angeles has heavily influenced the world of fashion.

With its rich history of surf, skate, and street cultures, as well as celebrity personalities and famous sports teams, LA largely paved the way for the evolution of a new wave of fashion. The diversity of Los Angeles is easily represented by style, with no boundaries or particular trends unwelcomed in the market. It’s obvious when walking through Los Angeles, that all interests, ideas, and cultures are encouraged and apparent which keeps the city filled with fashionable people from across the globe.