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5 Practical Uses of Activated Carbon Pellets Beyond Water Filtration

Activated carbon is a common medium for water filtration. Activated carbon attracts various contaminants in drinking water. These contaminants bind to the activated carbon (sometimes in the form of activated carbon pellets) so they pose no risk. Sometimes, it’s possible to recycle activated carbon pellets, making it an economical filtration medium as well.

Water filtration may be among the most common uses for activated carbon pellets. However, it’s not the only potential way to use this material. Other uses for activated carbon pellets include:

Air Filtration

Activated carbon isn’t just effective as a water filtration medium. Activated carbon pellets may also be effective for air filtration purposes.

Some use activated carbon in industrial settings. In a setting where various industrial processes may result in poor air quality, activated carbon may protect workers and other visitors.

Exhaust Fume Removal

Activated carbon is also useful for filtering contaminants out of exhaust fumes. In some instances, an activated carbon filter may be effective when a mechanical filter would otherwise deliver generally limited results.

Improving Taste and Removing Odors

One of the benefits of using activated carbon for water filtration is that doing so may improve the taste and smell of water. Activated carbon can remove contaminants that might otherwise result in unpleasant odors.

Some companies use activated carbon pellets in this manner. They may filter various products through activated carbon to remove odors. Some food product manufacturers could even use this method to improve the taste of popular items, particularly beverages. Similarly, kitchens can use activated carbon to remove cooking odors.

Treating Waste

Activated carbon pellets may remove contaminants from a household’s drinking water. However, they may also assist in the treatment of wastewater at industrial sites and other settings.

Treating wastewater and similar forms of waste with activated carbon offers many potential benefits. For example, disposing of wastewater may be safer and easier after treating it with activated carbon pellets. Taking this step before disposing of waste might also help a company abide by regulations or even avoid lawsuits in some circumstances.

Mercury Removal

Natural gas can contain dangerous levels of mercury. Activated carbon pellets can remove mercury from natural gas.

Removing mercury from natural gas is sometimes necessary for companies and organizations across a range of industries. Activated carbon pellets help achieve this goal in a safe manner that aligns with various applicable regulations.

Activated Carbon: The Importance of Discussing Your Goals

Activated carbon pellets come in several sizes. The right size for one application may not be ideal for another.

In addition, pellets aren’t the only form activated carbon can take. Granular activated carbon and activated carbon in powder form are other options. Depending on how exactly you plan to use granular activated carbon, they may better serve your needs.

Discuss this matter with professional activated carbon suppliers for more information. They can help you choose the right option for your goals. They can also help you better understand the various other ways you might use activated carbon pellets.

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