5 Tips to Help Rediscover Your Childhood Joy

The reality of adulthood and responsibilities that come with it can bog you down. There tends to be a lot of things you have to do and just not as much fun. It’s easy to look up a couple decades into adulthood and realize you don’t know what you like to do anymore. It can be hard to know what you enjoy as a hobby. You probably spend a lot of time at work, and you may be spending more time raising your kids and attending their activities. 

Taking time for yourself and doing things you enjoy can help you have a happier life, though. Reconnecting to childhood joy can bring you back to a simpler time, which can help reduce stress. Finding those little things of wonder in life can be a nice balance when dealing with the hard stuff. Keep reading for tips to help rediscover your childhood joy.

1. Rediscover Parks

Do you remember the excitement of pulling into a park as a kid? When your parents took you to play it was a treat! Climbing on the forts and zipping down the slides left you smiling ear-to-ear. Giant swing sets left you pumping your legs and trying to reach the sky. Spinning and spinning on the merry-go-rounds made you stumble off laughing. 

Thinking back to that time likely left a smile on your face. Rediscover that joy and enjoy a local park. Find a big swing when the kiddos have left it and give it a spin. Parks also have more than just playground equipment. Go enjoy the walking trails, look at the flowers, or enjoy lunch at one of the picnic benches. Breathing the fresh air and letting yourself play is good for the soul.

2. Go Exploring

It can be easy to get into the same mundane routines. To break up the monotony, try to get out and explore. Treat your town like you’re a tourist and go out and find new things you haven’t done before. Find a hiking trail and walk slowly and focus on what is around you. Look at the plants and the trees and wildlife. 

Find a new neighborhood and go on a bike ride. Look up an ice cream shop in a different part of town, and go try a new flavor. Look online to find unique things and go on a hunt to find them. You’d be surprised how many interesting museums, shops, and attractions there are hidden in plain sight.

3. Join a Pickup Game

What sport or activity did you love most as a kid? Maybe it was football? Soccer? Volleyball? Whatever the sport, find a group and take part in a pickup game. Getting out and playing can bring you so much joy. It can also be a great workout and a lot more fun than your normal gym routine.

Sweating and laughing with other adults is good for you, and it can be a great way to make friends. And if you have a good time, join a league. Kickball leagues are a hoot, and it’s just fun playing a game together. It also gives you a new community of people who are out enjoying life too. You’ll meet people outside of your normal work and homelife circles.

4. Visit the Library

Do you remember the joy of finding a new book at the library as a kid? Getting to go in and look through the shelves for the perfect book was a great part of the week. Some libraries even had big, comfy bean bag chairs to sit in. Others had fun toys. If you were lucky, a special event or story time would be taking place. 

As an adult, walking into your local library can bring back those warm memories. If you haven’t taken advantage of going to your local library, check it out. Get yourself a library card! Libraries are a great free resource with many activities. You can find movies and audio books as well as your regular print books to check out too. Some libraries even allow you to check out art supplies, fishing equipment, or baking pans. Dive back into learning. You might just discover a new hobby!

5. Use Your Hands

Find activities to do that open your mind and don’t involve screens. If you love cooking and baking, add more of that into your life. Did you love drawing and painting as a kid? Get some canvases and create art. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just enjoy the act of creating. 

If you loved building blocks and Legos as a child, build as an adult. Lego has so many great sets for adults these days. You could build Star Wars fighter ships or famous buildings or floral bouquets. Model robots or trucks can also be enjoyable to put together. You can even put up a shelf to house your creations

Life can get busy and full of tasks if you let it. But don’t let it pass you by. Try to take a step back and find moments of joy in your daily life. It doesn’t have to be a huge block of time either. Setting time to get outside for 30 minutes at lunch can make a huge impact on your life and mental health. 

Life was likely simpler as a child and hopefully was a happy time for you. Add that into your adult life. Play, explore, use your hands, and just be present in your surroundings. Rediscovering your childhood joy can make adult life pretty great. Just don’t forget to stretch before you hit the playground.