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8 Benefits of Hiring a Concierge Home Watch Service

concierge with clipboard and papers

As a homeowner, deciding on the best method to safeguard your home during your absence, be it for a vacation, business trip, or an extended period, can be challenging. Both house sitters and Home Watch professionals offer solutions to ensure the security of your home. However, various crucial factors highlight why selecting a Home Watch professional is advantageous when determining the optimal choice.

A Home Watch professional is a skilled and trained individual dedicated to regularly inspecting and maintaining your home while you’re away. Possessing the expertise to identify potential problems before they escalate, these professionals can efficiently address issues with their available resources. They come equipped with insurance, bonding, and a background check, adhering to a strict Code of Ethics outlined by the National Home Watch Association. This provides an additional layer of security for homeowners. Moreover, they can manage home repairs on your behalf, leveraging their professional network.

Top Benefits of Hiring a Home Watch Service

  • Engaging a home watch service offers numerous advantages, especially for individuals with homes in the northern Florida area who spend a significant portion of the year elsewhere. Traveling to North Florida periodically to check on your property can be inconvenient, and leaving it unattended is not ideal. Opting for a home watch service provides a reliable partner to take care of your residence when you are away.
  • Security is a primary reason homeowners opt for a Home Watch Service. It provides peace of mind by ensuring regular checks on your property, enhancing its safety from potential threats. The home watch team conducts weekly inspections, actively searching for signs of suspicious activities.
  • Pest control is another aspect covered by home watch services, addressing the presence of pests that tend to emerge during the warmer months. This proactive approach relieves homeowners from the need to worry about pest-related issues.
  • Managing compliance with Homeowners Association (HOA) regulations can be time-consuming. A dedicated home watch team understands and adheres to standard Arizona HOA rules and ensures your property remains compliant during your absence, eliminating the hassle of finding and hiring contractors remotely.
  • In emergencies such as storms, the home watch service acts swiftly. They conduct visits the day after emergencies to verify the condition of your property, promptly addressing any issues like roof damage.
  • For homeowners leaving a car at their second home, home watch services include periodic vehicle checks to ensure its protection.

  • Monthly written reports from home watch services offer peace of mind by providing updates on the status of your northern Florida area home. This transparency eliminates uncertainties about the property’s condition while you’re away.
  • Upon your return to your second home, a home watch team ensures it is ready and welcoming, sparing you from the challenges of entering an unused, neglected space. With a Home Watch service, your sole responsibility is to enjoy your time in the residence, whether a second home, summer home, or winter home.


Shore Perfection Home Watch Services enables clients to enjoy a second home and have peace of mind while they’re away in the northern Florida panhandle.