Alia Yasmin Khan’s Journey From Emotional Distress to a Better Mental Place and Ascending Minds

Our emotional and mental states greatly influence how we live our lives. Whether we know it or not, they impact our ability to live fulfilled lives.

The truth is we can’t control all the things that happen around us. And some life events can have tremendous negative impacts on us.

However, even though we can’t always control our surroundings, we can choose whether to let our environment dictate our emotions.

It took many years for Alia Yasmin Khan, mindset coach and founder of Sublime Knowledge, to discover that she had the key to her mind and emotions. This discovery led her to appreciate and honor her life more than she ever thought possible. Today, she helps others in their personal growth journeys by guiding them to shift their mindsets.

But her journey wasn’t always smooth. She has battled immense emotional distress from a

Young age.

Alia Yasmin Khan’s Challenging Environment

Alia Yasmin Khan was born into a home with wonderful parents and an older sister. The home was filled with love, and her parents instilled the core values of kindness and charity.

The only thing that started disturbing her peace at a tender age was concern for her mother’s health. Her mother was having severe medical issues, and the fear of losing her constantly embattled Alia.

Before she could learn how to handle these emotions, her father suddenly passed away. This was one of the most challenging periods in her life. Not only did it break her emotionally, but it also seemed to put her on the path of more loss. Within a short period, she would also lose her close friend and then her cousin.

Alia was almost overwhelmed by the ensuing emotional distress and spent most of her teenage life battling depression and suicidal thoughts. The only thing that pushed her to live was that she had to be strong enough to take care of her mother.

A close friend came to Alia’s aid when she was 18. The friend, who was a Scientologist, helped her audit her life. The therapy assisted her to assess her life and clear out her negative thoughts.

When she was in a better emotional state, she started her quest for financial independence. She began working, and her ambition was instrumental in rising up the ranks to managerial positions when she was still young. She had finally found peace and calmness in her life.

However, her newfound peace would last till 2017, when her mother’s health deteriorated, forcing her to take care of her. Fear, worry, and anxiety once again found space in her life as her mother’s health worsened.

Meditation and Sublime Knowledge

But, Alia found solace in meditation. It brought calm in the difficult times. One night, while deep in her meditation, a satori moment occurred, and over the following six months, she received a flood of information flowing into her mind.

She would wake up several times to write down the words and phrases she received. When she started studying these notes, she found them so valuable she shared them with her friends and family and witnessed rapid changes in their lives. It gave her a deeper understanding of life and her relationships with her family and community.

She even strengthened her relationship with her mother, and when she lost her in 2021, she understood that her time for transition had come. Her emotional recovery was even faster after the death.

Once Alia saw what her new understanding had done to her life and close ones, she created the Intuitive Ascending Mind workbook. The program seeks to help more people increase their awareness of who they are and unlock the mental chains preventing them from being their best selves.

In 2022, she started Sublime Knowledge, focusing on mindset coaching for health, wealth, and love. Her mission is to coach more people to rewrite their stories by shifting their mindsets from the mental programs that are not serving their purpose.