An In-depth Interview With Startup Consultant, Bhaskar Ahuja

We speak to Bhaskar Ahuja about his life as an entrepreneur and his ambitious vision for the future.

Find Your Passion

A passionate entrepreneur is on a mission to accelerate the growth of his two primary businesses.

Bhaskar Ahuja – who is also an investor and advisor – has been part of several startup ventures ranging from technology to brick and mortar, to e-commerce startups. 

The talented individual not only has the ambition and dedication to succeed, but also a vast amount of knowledge.

After graduating from Stevens with a master’s degree in Information systems back in 2016, Bhaskar started his entrepreneurial journey. 

Current Goals

Currently, he is concentrating on accelerating his two primary businesses focused on food, health, wellness & fitness, leveraging top technology to bring transparency into the food & wellness ecosystem rendering the sustainable world free from any form of adulteration. This startup is called 

In addition, Bhaskar founded which is a niche consulting company primarily focusing on servicing the startup ecosystem. 

Made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, TheStartupBros is on a mission to help startups build top-notch technology platforms that can scale. 

At TheStartupbros, the team takes pride in their deep expertise in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Engineering, and DevOps.

Bhaskar started the business in 2020 but has already achieved a huge amount.

However, he continues to challenge himself as he sets his sights on achieving new goals and furthering his development.

While it has been a strong start for his two primary businesses, there is plenty more to come.

Furthermore, the beta product is already there in the market and is getting ready for an extensive rollout.

Unique Talents

Meanwhile, there is undoubtedly a range of unique characteristics in the armory of Bhaskar and his team.

Bhaskar emphasized that the choices we collectively make every day will determine the future of our planet. 

While the world is connected, the supply chains continue to be opaque, unreliable, and driven by greed, causing a terrible impact on the environment, humans, animals, and communities. 

Unfortunately, people in society barely have access to the information needed to make the right choices about what we should produce and consume.

However, through the product that Bhaskar has built a customer standing in the middle of a Walmart can see all the information on the product that he/she is holding in their hands with a quick QR code scan. 

This would provide all the crucial information such as ‘Where the product is coming from?’, ‘How it was manufactured?’, and if it claims to be organic then you will find the actual organic certificate that it carries. This will inject absolute transparency, trust and credibility into the supply chains – a valuable benefit that will change society for the better.

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