Angelenos, It’s Time to Nominate Your Favorite Teachers

Nominate your favorite local teachers to be in with a chance of winning a spot on the prestigious Ron Clark Academy training course in 2024 

Teachers pave the way to promising futures for the next generation. From facilitating learning and giving children the tools they need to make sense of the world inside the classroom, the role of an educator goes beyond that. Beyond textbooks and paper grades, teachers help to nurture the intangible – personal growth and confidence, creativity, critical thinking and integrity. 

Despite the integral role teachers play in society and in shaping tomorrow’s minds, they are often unsung heroes. The Victra Cares program is doing something to change that and champion the educators in communities across the country in partnership with the prestigious Ron Clark Academy based in Atlanta, Georgia. 

As part of a limited-time initiative running until June 30, 2023, Victra is accepting teacher nominations that will see at least 100 educators from across the country attend the sought-after, immersive professional development training at the world-renowned academy. 

With all expenses paid, teachers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in workshops, seminars and practical sessions where they will be privy to innovative teaching methods and a transformative approach to education – known and recognized on a global scale – that they can bring back home to benefit local students and build brighter, more inclusive and inspiring classrooms. 

“Empowering educators is at the heart of transforming the future of education. Together with Victra, we are providing an incredible opportunity for trailblazing teachers across the country to experience transformative training here at the Ron Clark Academy,” said Ron Clark. “This partnership will help unlock potential, bringing opportunities for teachers to look at things from a new angle to help their students thrive and reach their full potential in and out of the classroom.”

Since its inception in 2007, the academy has gained worldwide recognition, welcoming educators from all corners of the globe to participate in its training programs. With 100,000 educators passing through its doors, the training has impacted 10 million students in classrooms around the world. 

How to Nominate 

The nomination deadline is June 30, 2023. To enter your favorite teacher, visit Teachers of any grade level can be nominated to attend the Ron Clark Academy + Victra Experience one-day professional development training experience. 

The experience is powered by the donations of store guests and Victra employees, with a target of $300,000 to cover the cost of travel, lodging and event expenses. 

Time is of the essence. Get voting ahead of the deadline on June 30th, following which a committee of Victra and Ron Clark Academy colleagues will carefully select the top 50 nominees who have the opportunity to attend the academy, alongside a fellow educator of their choice. Winners will be announced in the fall. 

Victra Cares in the community

Each year, Victra Cares – a program created by the Verizon retailer, supporting charitable initiatives and organizations, and making a positive impact in the communities where Victra employees reside and operate – partners with a non-profit partner to make a difference.