Writer Dean Cocozza has taken his spot in the industry.

Dean Cocozza Finding Inspiration In Los Angeles

The ‘zero dark thirty’ author seems to be on an extended stay in California – and reading the signs, it looks like he is working on something new.

After the success of his poetry collection last year, Cocozza’s work has been everywhere – from compositions and writings in film, fashion magazine productions, as well as plenty of media interest. And with a manager in Los Angeles, it seems the British writer is looking to shift his work to the US market in the future. His style and aesthetic certainly suit the city, brining some classic Hollywood vibes back to the scene. Whether his next big project is going to be another book, or in motion picture, remains unclear for the moment.

The city of stars has always attracted artists and entertainers (as well as those to be) to the west-coast, building the growing network of creatives that it is known for all over the world. It looks like Dean Cocozza might be one of those.

Dean Cocozza’s last release ‘zero dark thirty’ was a full success.

Perfect Timing

Poetry relived a huge revival in the last years, with several artists claiming the almost under appreciated art form of writing for their agendas. Poetry has helped modern feminist artists advocate and express themselves on a mainstream platform through social media, resulting in multiple NYT bestsellers and a paved way for so many others. At the same time it has provided a space for male artists to break with stigma around emotional vulnerability and communication. What rose an even broader attention to poetry in recent times though were also the political events in the United States, peaking in Amanda Gorman performing at the presidential inauguration.

It was around the same time that Cocozza had been contacted by a manager in Los Angeles, who wanted to bring his work to the US. Going by his social media activities, the place already perfectly found its way into his creative process and style.

Fans of his first book and poetry will surely hope for his next work to be the follow up, in a similar style. Although he keeps most parts of his life private, we are sure we will know first whenever there are news about his next project. One thing we know is, we can’t blame him for falling in love with the city that keeps inspiring the creative industry for decades.