Drenda Thomas Richards Raises the Bar for Spirituality & Professional Women

With so many of us seeking peace of mind after a couple of the worst years of our lives, it is necessary to leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding new meaning and purpose in both our personal and work lives.

The realm of spirituality recognizes there is something greater than oneself—and that this “something” is divine in nature. Whether it be called God, the Universe, Source or Divine Mind, it revolves around finding peace and purpose, even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.

Incorporating spiritual principles into business practices is becoming more common with each passing year.

Drenda Thomas Richards

Drenda Thomas Richards knows what it’s like to wonder, “Is this all there is?”

She went on a decades-long faith reconstruction and now is a leading spiritual teacher and subconscious mind expert

“Although raised as a pastor’s kid, I always questioned religious dogma. I had a deep knowing that there was more to life and my connection to God/Source than what I was being taught.”

Drenda Thomas Richards

She went on her own journey of re-creating her relationship with religion and spirituality. And now, she helps others release the beliefs and stories they’ve learned from culture, educational and religious systems, as well as familial and ancestral teachings that are keeping them trapped in “less than” relationships and careers. 

As the founder of Sacred Soul LLC, she is devoted to supporting professional women who want to start or deepen their spiritual practice and incorporate spirituality into their corporate and entrepreneurial work.

Many of these women are Christian and seeking to re-identify how they are relating to their spiritual path.

Using her diverse life experiences—from working in ministry, law enforcement, and corporate America—Drenda provides a rare view on personal and spiritual growth, which she also utilizes to guide her clients in business. 

Drenda adds, “The work that we do through my Sacred Soul Programs empowers individuals to transcend the confines of their careers, relationships, and religious systems that no longer serve them. This is so they can embark on a path of purpose, passion, power, and prosperity.”

Her teachings have a transformative effect, enabling clients to alter their thoughts in a positive way that results in happier lives.

Drenda is well-known for her no-nonsense and “take no BS” attitude.

You can hear her unique style on the “Taboo Talks” podcast, where she discusses taboo topics, often religious in nature, in an open and honest manner that goes against the grain of the mainstream perspective. 

Drenda is a published author who penned the book, “Badass Babes of the Bible.” 

She is also a contributing writer for the anthology, “Take My Heart, Oh God: Riches from the Greatest Christian Women Writers of All Time.” 

She is a certified hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists and a Reiki 2 practitioner and uses these and other spiritual tools in her Sacred Soul Programs

With an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and a BBA from Hardin-Simmons University, she draws on her impressive credentials to support women in business.

She adds, “This is about truly transforming lives for the better by not only releasing limiting beliefs and stories, but also, incorporating spiritual tools and practices into their work.”

Her decades of diverse experience and no-BS attitude make her a popular, sought-after spiritual teacher and leadership and mindset coach. 

If you are seeking positive change and yearn to lead a life of impact, look no further than Drenda Thomas Richards.

Drenda can be found online at www.drendathomasrichards.com