Haley Lickstein Inspires Younger Generations to Vote with Women’s Candidacy Showcase in Women’s History Month

Article written by Marjorie Greenbaum.

In an ambitious move this Women’s History Month, Haley Lickstein is taking a stand to invigorate young voters, specifically targeting the Gen Z and millennial demographics that are expected to dominate the voting scene in the 2024 elections. Lickstein’s groundbreaking initiative focuses on casting a spotlight on progressive, pro-choice female candidates from across the country. This campaign aims to bridge the gap potentially leading to a dip in youth voter participation by connecting them with relatable stories of women embarking on political careers in their locales.

Lickstein plans to roll out a series of engaging interviews with 30 women candidates throughout March, aiming to cover a wide range of political ambitions, from hopefuls for the U.S. Congress to contenders for city council positions. With notable candidates like Joanna Weiss aiming for a spot in California’s U.S. Congress, Rachel Hunt vying for the role of North Carolina Lieutenant Governor, and Julie Johnson seeking election to the U.S. Congress from Texas, the campaign is poised to provide an insightful look into the diverse landscape of women making waves in politics.

Having a rich background in politics, including internships in the U.S. Senate, positions at EMILY’s list, and active campaign roles, the 27-year-old Lickstein is using her social media clout to narrow the divide between the youth and political engagement. Lickstein states, “By sharing insights into the lives and aspirations of women candidates in various communities, we aim to enhance voter turnout. It’s about creating a sense of optimism and connection with those who represent us on the ballot,” showcasing her drive to make politics more tangible and engaging for the younger crowd.

This initiative is not merely about elevating candidates; it’s a robust effort to inspire young individuals to actively engage in the democratic process, starting from the grassroots. Lickstein’s dedication to supporting women advocating for transformative changes is designed to kickstart a movement aimed at boosting voter participation and turnout in the 2024 elections and beyond.

Moreover, the campaign encourages young voters to get informed about the candidates and issues aligning with their values and visions for progress. By putting the spotlight on innovators and those achieving significant “firsts” in their domains, Lickstein’s initiative offers a platform for these candidates to share their journeys and connect with voters on a personal level.

For followers interested in keeping up with this campaign and learning about the highlighted candidates, Lickstein’s social media accounts will be the primary hubs for updates and insights. Participants can look forward to a month brimming with inspiring narratives, meaningful conversations, and a renewed focus on the pivotal role of youth in shaping the political landscape.

Haley Lickstein’s campaign marks a significant stride towards transforming the landscape of political engagement among young voters, highlighting the significance of personal stories and community involvement in driving the future of democracy.