House Odours And The Attention They Require

Foul smells in your home can cause a variety of allergenic symptoms, ranging from mild to severe, such as wheezing, throat irritation, and more. It can also make it uncomfortable and even dangerous to host guests or relax in your home. In addition to the potential health risks, it is important to identify and deal with a foul home odor. Trying to sell a stinky home without dealing with it is not an option and you will not get the full value of the home.

How do you know if the house odor is dangerous? If any of these persistent odors are present, you will know it is time to contact a biohazard specialist, or evacuate your home: 

  • Pet excrement
  • Dead body odor
  • Moldy and musty smells
  • Rotten egg odor
  • Sewage odor
  • Rotting food
  • Gas odor

These odors can be a major health hazard if they persist or grow stronger over time. The most effective way to deal with them is to have a professional biohazard team like NCSC assess and respond to the situation. 

Who do I call for foul smells?

This is a great question, because there are so many different types of issues and situations that need different specialists, you might be wondering who you can call for your issue. 

The first thing you need to do is figure out where the problem is coming from. Is it a roof leak that’s causing a musty mold smell in your attic? Or is it the result of an unsightly and under-appreciated decay cleanup? 

Again, this comes down to the type of smell and problem in your home.

Pet Odours

Pet odors may persist even after thorough cleaning and frequent bathing of the animal. These odors may be ammonious, fecal or simply musty. In this case, the source of the odor is likely to be old pet waste. In many cases, the contributing factor is the carpet. 

If your pet has an accident on your carpet, cleaning up after them can be a nightmare. Organic matter can seep and stain the carpet fibers, even after you’ve cleaned the area as best you can. Feces can also get trapped or stain the carpet fibers inside.

Carpet prevents you from getting to the flooring beneath your carpet, so your pet’s waste can leak down into your floors. If your flooring underneath your carpet is made of wood, your dog’s urine can dry out or even seep into the pores of the wood, causing permanent damage to your floor.

Fishy food smell

The problem with evaluating fish, ammoniacal or rotting food odors is that there are similar-smelling decay odors. Generally, you will know if the odors are decay in origin if there are flies, worms or other insects present. You will also be able to tell by the strength of the smell as well as by any other odors present.

If you smell only a fishy odor, check to see if it’s coming from the freezer/refrigerator unit. It could be expired food, malfunctioning fridge or a unit that needs disinfection. 

It is more than cleaning when you have weird smells lingering around the house. Avail crime scene cleanup services in Georgia provided by the companies listed in’s cleaning services directory to get rid of them instantly.