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Keensert vs. Timeserts: What You Need to Know

When it comes to the world of thread inserts, Keenserts and Time-Serts are two distinct players, each offering unique features tailored to specific needs. Keenserts excel in creating robust joints in materials with inherent low strength, finding application in diverse fields such as transmission housings, electronic equipment, and suspension units. Meanwhile, Time-Serts carve a niche as solid-body threaded inserts, renowned for their effectiveness in repairing compromised threads. Let’s take a closer examination of the attributes and applications of both Keenserts and Time-Serts, shedding light on the differences that make each a preferred choice in their respective realms of thread repair and reinforcement.


Keenserts emerge as a dependable solution for establishing robust joints in materials characterized by inherent low strength. These inserts find broad utility across diverse applications, encompassing transmission housings, electronic equipment, and suspension units. Available in both inch and metric thread sizes, Keenserts feature a solid stainless steel bushing configuration, ensuring the quality of the internal thread is upheld even prior to the commencement of installation. This design significantly augments the longevity and structural integrity of joints in a variety of scenarios.

One notable advantage of Keenserts lies in the uncomplicated installation process, obviating the need for specialized tools. Standard taps and drills are employed for hole preparation, adding to the user-friendly nature of the installation procedure. The pre-assembled self-broaching keys assume a pivotal role, setting the insert to the correct depth and imparting positive resistance against rotation. This mechanism further guarantees the steadfastness and dependability of the joint. The Keenserts installation tool range is diverse, catering to a spectrum of requirements. It includes a hand tool suitable for smaller installation quantities and electric as well as hydro-pneumatic power tools designed for more substantial volume installations. This versatility positions Keenserts as a flexible choice for those in search of resilient and straightforward solutions to forge high-strength joints in materials characterized by lower intrinsic strength.


The Time-Sert distinguishes itself as a sturdy and dependable solid-body threaded insert, highly favored for its efficacy in repairing compromised threads in diverse applications. A key attribute contributing to its effectiveness is the solid bushing insert, a design that not only streamlines the installation process but also guarantees a robust and lasting repair by allowing the full torque of the fastener to be applied to the rejuvenated threads. This characteristic positions Time-Sert as the preferred choice for individuals seeking a resilient and trustworthy solution for thread repair.

Another noteworthy feature of Time-Serts lies in its self-locating capability, facilitated by an integrated flange. This flange automatically determines the insert’s depth during installation, simplifying the process and elevating the accuracy of the repair. The thin-wall design of the insert, made feasible through the synchronization of internal and external threads, proves especially advantageous in situations where space is at a premium. This flexibility enables installation in confined areas where alternative options may not be feasible.

The self-locking design of Time-Serts serves as another compelling attribute. The expansion of the lower internal threads during installation mechanically secures the insert, ensuring stability and reliability in the rehabilitated threads. The insert flange plays a pivotal role in this process by making contact with the workpiece surface, preventing the insert from inadvertently winding into the prepared hole during installation. The synchronized internal and external threading, combined with partially-formed internal threads at the lower end, allows for a compact insert profile, facilitating the necessary expansion for a secure and mechanically locked fit to the housing material. In essence, the installation tool shapes these threads through a cold-forming process, triggering the insert’s expansion and ensuring a dependable solution for thread repair.

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