LA-based Green Tech Company Biofriendly Makes Being Green User-Friendly

In a world where environmental degradation poses pressing challenges for our future, individuals and organizations alike are seeking innovative solutions to foster sustainable practices in everyday life. One of the main roadblocks to environmental preservation tends to be an overwhelming barrage of information and practices. Luckily, Biofriendly, an environmental technology company, has stepped up to the plate to provide support for sustainable solutions and tools on organizational and individual levels across more than a dozen countries globally.

Biofriendly was born out of the Carroll family’s longstanding lineage of environmentalists. Inventing the Vortoil Oil/Water Separator – a technology that played a crucial role in safeguarding numerous marine species affected by offshore oil platforms – was the first of many innovations to come.

Now as the green tech company has expanded, Biofriendly has focused its research and energy on reducing air pollution and protecting the planet, through both its flagship Green Plus® emission-reducing additive and advocating for sustainable living through enhanced access to education.

With overwhelming support for the transition to clean energy, the team is dedicated to reducing fuel emissions’ harm to the environment. Biofriendly prides itself on being the world’s first UN eco-labeled, energy transition fuel technology. Green Plus has prevented over 13.7 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere to date, of which 3,474.9 billion pounds of C02 from entering the atmosphere in 2022 alone – the equivalent of planting 61.2 million full-grown trees.

Now, after over two decades of activism and cutting-edge invention, Biofriendly continues its commitment to reducing air pollution worldwide through ongoing investment. Having partnered with Eagle Point Funding this year, Biofriendly is gaining access to R&D federal grants to expand the business and foster new sustainable solutions.

“When I assumed my leadership role at Biofriendly, I made it a priority to keep my finger on the pulse of green tech,” said Biofriendly’s CEO, Noel Carroll. “Every day I see another story in the news about scientific research and development to combat yet another environmental disaster. It was time for Biofriendly to get proactive as we happily partnered with Eagle Point Funding to take those next steps.”

Building Biofriendly Planet

Biofriendly’s pledge to prevent further environmental harm doesn’t stop at its flagship Green Plus program; Biofriendly has also become a standout to the eco-conscious individual through its environmental e-media hub, Biofriendly Planet, which launched in 2010.

Becoming the hallmark of eco-friendly content and education, the business recently invested in a website revamp to further democratize sustainability knowledge through an enhanced user interface.

Beyond the new look and content, the site is more efficient and simple to navigate. Providing accessible and user-friendly content is essential to inspire widespread awareness and action. New content is varied, with simple reads and think-pieces alike. By making quality reads readily available, Biofriendly hopes to bridge the knowledge gap and empower individuals from all walks of life to embrace sustainability practices.

“We believe in a positive, but accurate, conversation about the environment, and that more people can and should be allowed into the tent. To do that, we need Biofriendly Planet to be as accessible and easy to use as possible,” said Carroll.

The platform boasts a retro-fresh look, promoting a variety of purposeful content. Biofriendly Planet’s immersive experience both informs and inspires visitors. From DIYs to an engaging podcast series, all media is made in-house to make being green easy. From stories on Earth-friendly Mother’s Day and a beginner’s guide to low-waste living as well as everything from instructive articles on renewable energy solutions and sustainable transportation to fascinating videos presenting success stories of environmental efforts, every visitor will stumble on something equally thought-provoking and actionable. The Biofriendly Planet media site also includes interactive tools like carbon footprint calculators and sustainable lifestyle guides, which allow users to assess their environmental effects and make informed decisions.

Biofriendly’s dedication to green technology and its establishment and refinement of the Biofriendly Planet media site exemplify its resolute pledge to sustainability. By fostering a sense of responsibility among individuals and organizations, Biofriendly empowers them to actively protect our planet for generations to come. Through the channels of education, collaboration, and innovation, Biofriendly sets an admirable precedent, illustrating that collective efforts can forge a greener and more sustainable world.