Magni Skin’s Commitment to Prioritize Customers over Profits

Entrepreneurial sisters Pinar and Songul have built Magni Skin into the ultimate destination for those pursuing perfect skin. We hear about the objectives of the business and some key beauty tips from the sisters.

Being beautiful

The beauty industry has taken massive strides forward over recent years after remarkable periods of growth.

Wanting to be, and feel, beautiful is a desire shared by everyone around the world.

But despite the urge to get the latest treatments and services on the market, many can fall foul to companies focused purely on profits.

However, that is not the case for Magni Skin, which puts customers at the centre of its business, as it continues to go the extra mile to serve clients.

Established by sisters Pinar and Songul in the summer of 2019, the business has gone from strength to strength.

Magni Skin is now the ultimate destination for those pursuing perfect skin. The Magni Skin team work their facial and body enhancement magic to help tackle the needs of clients in the most desirable form, while traveling across the globe to offer a new era of facial and body technology and hand-on skills.

Impressive clientele

Magni Skin’s clinic delivers the most effective, much sought-after treatments in a calm, tranquility setting and inimitable results have earned a long list of loyal clients, from bloggers, to reality TV stars and facial obsessives everywhere.

The impressive clientele of the business includes influencer Lemy Beauty, Love Island’s Arabella Chi, Love Island’s Francesca Allen, music artist Baby Gee, influencer Sasha Pereira, Love Island’s Ellie Jones, influencer Its Bee, Love Island’s Elma Pazar and Janet Joshua, who is Anthony Joshuas’ sister.

Pinar and Songul – who describe themselves as friendly, glamorous and creative – also have some key beauty tips that they believe everyone should know.

They have highlighted the importance of always taking collagen supplements before sleeping, applying SPF daily, washing the face with cold water to stimulate blood flow and tighten the skin and sleeping with a silk pillow case.

Days filled with determination

But what does a typical working day look like for the sisters?

Firstly, their morning routines include brushing their teeth and having a cold shower. 

Following this, they prep their skin with cleanser, toner, SPF before applying their make-up and styling their hair with their go-to hair styler, the Dyson Airwrap. 

Pinar and Songul then begin their first treatment with clients arriving from 10am and work their way through the day until 8pm, having small 15-minute breaks between the day. 

During these breaks, they ensure that they stay hydrated while creating content and editing videos to keep their feed up to date.

At the end of the working day, they sit and have a meal as a family and, as sisters, they spend time pampering themselves and their skin by doing regular face masks and having herbal teas and fresh fruits.

Furthermore, Pinar and Songul fit in weekly meetings to discuss upcoming projects for Magni Skin, before heading to bed to enjoy some relaxation and sleep early. They prefer to sleep before 10pm as this is good for their body, mind and aids in certifying that they are prepared for the new day ahead.

Each day is filled with commitment and determination as they serve their clients in the clinic.

But there is no particular treatment that the sisters favour, as each treatment has its unique touch and are all performed with equal love and dedication.

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