Maintain Hygiene and Efficiency: 7 Steps to Clean Your Commercial Fridge

In the realm of food establishments, hygiene and cleanliness stand as paramount concerns. Equipment designed for cooling and preserving food items, such as commercial refrigerators, must be always kept in a pristine condition. Neglecting this aspect not only poses risks associated with bacterial growth but can also impact the appliance’s energy efficiency and lifespan. To ensure that your commercial refrigerating equipment remains hygienically clean and organized, here are seven steps to follow:

  1. Unplug Your Commercial Fridge:

Before embarking on the cleaning process, it’s imperative to unplug the commercial refrigerator. Safety comes first, and this step is crucial.

  1. Remove Everything:

Next, clear the refrigerator of all its contents. Take care to maintain the temperature of the removed items to ensure they remain chilled during the cleaning process.

  1. Dispose of Mouldy or Expired Food:

Ideally, regular inspections and proper labelling of products should prevent the storage of expired or mouldy food. However, if any such items are discovered during the cleaning process, dispose of them appropriately before proceeding.

  1. Thoroughly Clean the Interior:

Start the cleaning process by scrubbing the refrigerator’s interior with a bucket of warm, soapy water and a sponge or cloth. Begin at the ceiling and work your way down to the shelves, drawers, and the bottom. For hard-to-reach areas, a toothbrush dipped in soapy water can be effective, while a Q-tip works wonders for tiny crevices. After removing all stains and spillages, rinse the surfaces with clean water using a separate cloth or sponge.

  1. Disinfect the Interior:

Even after the interior has been cleaned with soapy water, there might still be traces of harmful bacteria. Use a food-safe sanitizing product to wipe down every surface but be cautious not to overuse it. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the application, as some solutions may require a specific contact time to be effective.

  1. Vacuum the Condenser and Coils:

The condenser and coils of your commercial fridge tend to accumulate dust and debris over time. This buildup can restrict airflow, causing the fridge to work harder to maintain the correct temperature. Regularly vacuum both the condenser and coils to optimize your fridge’s efficiency. Lower energy bills and consistently well-preserved food are the rewards of this practice.

Begin by removing the protective grill at the top or bottom of the fridge. Brush away visible dirt or dust on the coils and fan unit. Then, employ a vacuum cleaner to eliminate any remaining particles. Finally, replace the grill.

  1. Clean Around and on Top of the Refrigerator:

While the cleanliness of your refrigerator’s interior is paramount, it’s equally important to maintain the space around the appliance. Regularly mop the area underneath the fridge, and if possible, move the unit to access this area more effectively. Also, take the time to dust the top of the fridge, and if necessary, wipe it down with soapy water.

The frequency of these deep-cleaning measures may vary depending on the condition of your commercial refrigerator. Many business owners find that a monthly cleaning regimen suffices. Regular checks on the items inside the fridge can assist in maintaining cleanliness, and immediate cleanup of any spills can prevent bacterial growth.

In adhering to these steps and maintaining a strict cleaning routine, you can ensure that your commercial fridge remains a reliable and hygienic asset to your establishment, while also reducing energy consumption and extending the equipment’s lifespan.