Maroon Bell Outdoor

Redefining the Denver Fashion Scene: Maroon Bell Outdoor Brings Innovation and Exploration Back to the Industry

Fashion has slowly morphed  from carefully crafted, high quality, unique designs to fast fads, cheap mockups and bland, mass produced products. Consequently, fast fashion has risen in popularity, oversaturating the market with low-quality pieces that quickly go out of style. Consumers have reframed  their mindsets from keeping sustainable apparel forever to throwing out used clothing just to purchase a new one. Jeremy Dougherty sought to disrupt the fashion industry’s lackluster practices, so he established his own brand Maroon Bell Outdoor in 2016.

Maroon Bell Outdoor stands at the forefront  of fashion, bringing back the prestige and quality enjoyed during the mid-19th century. Maroon Bell hyper focuses on designs that  meet consumers wherever they are in their lives. . Jeremy is a 4th generation Coloradan and he believes that  “you don’t need to be on top of a mountain to find the outdoors, you just have to go outside.” For too long, major corporations have fed us the idea of what it means to be outdoors. While seemingly beautiful, it is exclusive to very few. Jeremy’s designs and company structure embody the idea of an inclusive outdoors, available to everyone. 

Through its innovative approach,, Maroon Bell Outdoor  is elevating the modern fashion industry. Jeremy likes to think of it as addition by subtraction. “We are developing higher quality products, in lower quantity and then standing by them to the end”. In this way, Jeremy believes we can start to bring a bit of prestige back to collective fashion.. All of the visionary entrepreneur’s designs are made with the highest quality, inventiveness, and versatility. Maroon Bell Outdoor has cultivated a pristine reputation for its exceptional level of service that is akin to great enterprises such as Nordstrom. 

Quality is of utmost importance to Maroon Bell Outdoor. Thus, the brand takes great responsibility for every product they sell, fixing any issues that might come with a purchased item as well as free shipping and returns. This genuinely customer-centric business model has caught the eye of powerhouse companies such as Paramount+, which used the Maroon Bell Rancher Gloves in an ad with the one and only Tim McGraw.

Jeremy Dougherty vows to do good with his brand. In an effort to give back to his community, he has pledged to donate 3% of all the profits of Maroon Bell Outdoor to non-profit organizations that the company supports, including Project Worthmore, a local non-profit helping refugees in Denver, the Denver Police Brotherhood, and Cottonwood Institute, a non-profit working to empower youth.

“The fashion industry may have lost its prestige, but it was never gone. We will help bring it back,” exclaimed Jeremy Dougherty. As his brand continues to massively scale its operations, Jeremy has expressed his thanks for all the support that has allowed Maroon Bell Outdoor to grow at a grassroots level. The reputed fashion brand collaborates with many US-based companies but is proud to manufacture with a family in Pakistan. He firmly believes that business is a great equalizer when it comes to understanding each other on a deeper level.

Exploration and innovation are at the crux of the Maroon Bell Outdoor brand. Fostering a sense of community among its customers has been one of the key driving factors of the brand’s vision, and Jeremy stands at the helm of making sure that it happens. As a result, the brand has built a loyal clientele who have purchased its original designs, such as flannels, Water Buffalo gloves, backpacks, and hats. 

Maroon Bell Outdoor campfire flannels are made from 100% handmade brushed cotton, available in four unique colors, from aspen gold to twilight smoke. In addition, the brand’s full grain Water Buffalo gloves are three times stronger than cowhide, more durable, and mold to a customer’s hands, providing a dexterity often lost on its counterparts. 

Maroon Bell Outdoor also boasts of its 600D PVC coated Polyester backpack with a cow crunch hide bottom, known for being light, strong, unique and versatile. Ultimately, Maroon Bell Outdoor was structured like a large company from the get-go. Jeremy knew that in order to scale his brand, this was a necessity. Equipped with an international supply chain, high margins, and a US-based fulfillment center in Alabama, Maroon Bell can fill large quantities of wholesale orders and provide boutique design services to organizations at very low MOQs.

Overall, the fashion industry is positioned to regain its former glory. Much of this can be attributed to the brilliant mind of Jeremy Dougherty and his thriving outdoor apparel brand, Maroon Bell Outdoor. It is only a matter of time before the brand becomes a household name, and it is extremely exciting to see where things go from here on out.