Net Kohen

Net Kohen Introduces LinkMe: An App Bridging Social Media Platforms to Boost Networking and Social Engagement

The advent of the internet has allowed our society to grow more interconnected. Social media has ushered in a new age that has brought us all closer together. However, in spite of the growing interconnectedness that we are experiencing today, there is a clear gap in the digital space that needs to be addressed. Our digital profiles are scattered all across a wide variety of platforms, disconnected from each other. Fortunately, LinkMe provides an all-around solution to this lingering issue, housing all your social media platforms in one place.

LinkMe is an emerging online social platform that bridges the gap between all your profiles. The innovative app started with the LinkMe Marketing arm, which provides marketing services and teaches entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses. It allows users to simplify the way they share their information. Through its state-of-the-art Shout feature, users can share messages, images, and videos with people from all around the globe, opening up new networking possibilities.

The Shout feed algorithm is tailor-made to help LinkMe users instantly grow their business or personal brands, removing the need for printed business cards that were never a sustainable solution. Every day there are 27 million business cards printed, and every year approximately seven million trees are cut down to make these cards. The world loses almost six million hectares of forest each year to deforestation, which is over 12 million football fields in size.

Thanks to the rapid progress of technology, the world is quickly making the switch from paper to digital. By switching to digital business cards such as LinkMe, users are doing their part to save the planet and bolster their own social responsibilities. 

Co-founder and CEO of LinkMe, Net Kohen, is a passionate entrepreneur who hopes to welcome a new age of interconnectedness through his thriving social media platform. He runs the app with his partners, Dre Medici and Val Share, who take charge of the management and marketing aspects of the business.

Net Kohen is deeply motivated to make a significant impact on the world, and LinkMe is yet another project that pushes his advocacy for change and building lasting connections. From his humble beginnings as an Israeli-born citizen of Miami, Florida, Net has always been involved with the tech industry since he was a kid. He used to create apps for people while he was in high school with his previous company NXTGEN.

Nowadays, the visionary 22-year-old entrepreneur hopes to elicit a positive change all around the world through his brainchild LinkMe. The brand has been growing steadily since its inception due to its innovative offerings to the world of tech. LinkMe recently reached a million followers on Instagram, with the app being used in over 180 countries. The app also hit the top charts on the App Store multiple times and got verified on TikTok and Instagram.

The digital age is rife with innovation, and LinkMe is a testament to our ever-growing connections. In the near future, Net Kohen envisions scaling his company and personal brand to create more innovative tech solutions to solve the world’s longstanding problems. LinkMe is the first step towards a more interconnected society, giving creators, influencers, and the general public a means to engage with one another on a whole new level.