New release review: MODE12 x DTale- Let Me Be Your Fantasy

A new version of Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy has popped up and I decided to give it a spin.

The song starts out with the emotive and iconic piano melody. The opening verse filters out the piano and builds into a heavy bassline drop with little more than big drums and subtle sound effects.

Two things that I loved so far.

  1. The male vocal.

This was totally unexpected but sounds great. The way in which the first chorus is teased but not introduced. The song continues into the second verse, where everything gets going.

2.The drums filter away, but (and in what is clearly a nod to the original track) there are strings, synthesisers and arpeggiators, with snare drums to build into the first major chorus. The chorus itself is great.

The same big drums and bass, with emotive strings playing various melodies to take you into the bridge. The bridge maintains the emotion, whilst calming everything down for the grand finale – the final choruses to end the track.

A big vocal harmony from the male singer to end the bridge. A really beautiful touch. The strings continue to spatially float around the speakers, and the song comes to a finish.

To conclude, this was definitely one of the more finer remakes that I have heard I recent times. I would have liked the song to be another 30 seconds longer, but then I also would not want the song to become too repetitive and I think the balance is well preserved.