Profit With Purpose: Nurturing The Soul of Your Entrepreneurial Business

Many entrepreneurs strive to reach a 6-figure year. In fact, it seems to be one of the most important milestones on the entrepreneurial path. There are many ways to reach it, and some of them are a highway to never-ending success, while others are just a dead end.


Business owners should learn how to build relationships based on common values that create connection and success.

One way to build relationships is through social media. These tools can be used to foster long-term relationships, improve customer retention, and positively impact their income. This comes from the intention of creating a business that has meaning in the world.


So, how do you design that magical pathway for customers to create a meaningful business?


The best way to find an answer is through a mentor who embodies the leadership skills to create not only a business as a source of income, but also as a way to build communities and strong foundations. 


We recently spoke with entrepreneur and business coach Martyna Friedla, who says, “When a business owner asks me how to scale to 6 figures, my answers tend to surprise them.” 


She continues, “Even when they know that they want to change the world into a better place, they are not aware of how to actually do this. Many don’t understand the actual transformative power of sales.” 


Friedla is leading European intuitive transformational business mentor with a background in PhD cultural studies focused on communities and transformative social rituals.


She outlines in her courses that scaling economically is founded in the emotional management and “hierarchy of intentions.”


She adds, “It is also about the value ladder and learning leadership skills. While building foundations for success, money is not the point of focus. Income is important, but this is the  joyful consequence of something greater—not the goal. Money is fun and has the ability to bring temporary satisfaction. Fulfillment stays forever.” 


We asked Friedla how it’s possible to break the invisible glass between business owners and their clients.


She responds, “For 9 years, I’ve been studying how primary and modern cultures create communities, and interviewing leaders as a journalist, while also observing people with high achievements in my corporate and cultural work. I did all of this before starting my own business, and it gave me a wide perspective on how the front end of the business and the external relationships need to match what’s happening on the backend and in the business owner’s internal world.”


She stresses the importance of these aspects because, otherwise, we have businesses that are soul-sucking money-eating machines. The results might look good on paper, but at what cost?


She adds, “Since my background is in cultural mediations, my clients stay with me for years. My focus comes from the belief that if we learn how to heal on a micro level, then, we can make huge transformative changes for society as a whole.”


And how does it look like from the organizational perspective?  


Friedla shares, “My clients can grow from any starting point to scaling beyond their primary goals. I serve them in many formats—from free groups and masterclasses to meditations, e-books and high-ticket one-to-one support.”


Friedla’s clients choose from a wide portfolio of options for their growth. Services include Healthy Boundaries’ Workshop for starting a business, a Creativity Booster, an 8-month long high-ticket mastermind for leaders of leaders or a 12-month journey “Mystique” for entrepreneurs who want to reach 6-figure sales. 


We know that money is important, but for many of us, making money is not the only goal. Money is the energy of flow and exchange, and we always hold the power to shift our relationship with money. 

“It is not a surprise that the further we go, the easier scaling a business gets. When the fundamentals are set, it allows for scaling and leveling up. This includes everything from team support and communication streams to marketing and visibility plans, lead generation, passive income, and so on.”


It’s imperative to know the spirit of a business. Without having a wide vision for legacy creation, many entrepreneurs are missing their deeper journey and risk burnout. 


If business is only a money game, it is empty, it gets boring and the entrepreneur who is not connected with the soul of rher company easily falls into self-doubt whenever there is a challenge.


Friedla sums up, “The medicine for that is a deep connection—first and foremost, for the leader of the business with herself. The external world will always reflect our inner world. And that is why more and more business owners are realizing the power of creating and sharing their own signature methods that reflect their uniqueness.” 


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