Ricki Manahan

Ricki Manahan Easing Real Estate Challenges and Burdens in Tahoe

Getting the house of one’s dreams can be a challenge as many people struggle with getting the perfect house that suits their needs. Even harder is getting the perfect house in the best location. But real estate professional Ricki Manahan is easing those challenges and providing people with the best real estate solutions in the Tahoe area.

Having become well-grounded and conversant with the market, Ricki Manahan has become an authority figure and a trusted expert when it comes to pleasing clients and making their dreams come true. She is known for going all the way out for her clients and engaging them with honesty, trustworthiness, compassion and relentless excellence.

Her expertise spans decades, and noteworthy achievements have set her apart as a leading real estate professional in Tahoe. She has honored her commitment to making sure her clients are happy every step of the way. Her core expertise in selling and negotiating has earned her the title “The Huntress.” Her knowledge of the entire area has enabled her to help many people settle into homes of their choice that suit them perfectly. “I am a quick study. Once I understand what my clients’ goals and key attributes are for their vacation or primary home, I will do everything in my power to find properties on or off the market until I find the perfect solution,” said Ricki in a recent interview. Ricki has extensive investment property education, which helps her see angles other people may miss. “I personally change the market in neighborhoods in a positive way,” she adds. “When they say it can’t be done, I say just watch me work!”

More than hard work, Ricki embraces skills and innovation as she has honed numerous skills over the last decade. She worked in the entertainment business for a decade and has worked across multiple industries, acquiring different business development skills. Her clients in Tahoe and other parts of the world can testify to the remarkable results she has achieved for them over the years.

As a successful real estate professional who has made a name for herself in the last few years, Ricki has a few pointers for other real estate specialists to help them achieve success in the industry. Her primary strategy for success is working closely with her clients, and she advises other realtors to adopt the same approach. She also admonishes clients to listen to their realtors and trust their advice. “The goal of every realtor is to achieve the best results for their clients, which is why clients should work harmoniously with realtors to make the process seamless,” she said. “For realtors, properties are only worth what someone is willing to pay, so, deal with clients fairly and don’t be greedy.”

With the level of growth and success she has achieved, Ricki remains committed to achieving excellence and pleasing her clients. She also hopes to expand her services to other parts of the country and keep giving her clients “the miracle of finding the perfect property.”